Balance has always been the key

Let’s get back to basics that any thing that is over consumed is going to have its negative impact, no matter how sweet or appealing it is to us. Social media also needs to be handled with balance. You need not lie down until the phone battery is completely drained out and then finally go to bed. You also need not stay away from social media or ban it away from your life. Keep a balance, see the good you get in terms of knowledge and entertainment and ignore the bad you inculcate in the lines of addiction and obsession. If you watch it just as much as required, it will truly be a boon.

Keep some ground rules

For example, you need to understand that on a day when you have serious tasks, you spend the least time on social media and on a day you have a lot of free time you can use it leisurely. But, be careful about how you do this, at the same time be careful about maintaining balance and further, do not depend on social media, instead use is as an instrument to give you some distraction or break.

– – Be careful about what you follow

Social media has given a platform for many and so not everybody shares content that you like. The moment you find that something someone has shared is not in good taste, immediately unfollow. This will do you good, else it is going to make you feel disturbed subconsciously.