Here are of few steps to follow through on an apology:

Listen and understand what the apology is: Track down a tranquil area with few interruptions and set yourself up to tune in. Notwithstanding that you are so prepared to hear the expression of remorse, listen cautiously with open ears. Attempt to abstain from responding or hindering and permit their statement of regret to remain all alone. You will have a lot of time to react after they complete the process of talking.

These inquiries can assist you with concluding how to react.

Does it feel sincere? Are they including if and but statements? Did they understand the pain they put you through? Are they accepting their behaviour or how responsible they are for the pain they caused? Are they apologising just to move forward? Are you open to forgiving? Acknowledge their apology Respond to the apology: Saying that it is okay: It is okay to acknowledge their apology without having any ties: If you have decided to accept their apology: If you’ve decided not to accept their apology: