How to keep the child within us alive


We often hear this, don’t we? Phrases like keep the child in your heart alive or let the child in you be happy and so on. There are multiple ways in which this phrase is often used for a bunch of situations, however have we ever tried to analyze

The first lesson to learn from any child would be the irresistible curiosity children have about everything and anything around them.

Life has become about the regrets of the past and worries about the future, why can’t it be about the pleasures of the present? Life has so much to offer you today. As humans, we should have the wisdom to embrace the good it has to offer us.

This is a trait we completely tend to forget when we grow up in our lives. It is very good to rely on our conscience, but in life there are times where it is good to take the suggestion and advice of the wise people in our life.

Can you recall a day where you were so fulfilled with all the work you did and so you could sleep in peace and enjoy the rest? Yes, right? Children experience this everyday, they run around play, eat and use every ounce of their energy, spending their time happily and then sleep at peace.