How do we look at Marriage!


Marriage is an important aspect of almost everybody’s life. It changes life for every individual for the better and let’s them enjoy the pleasures of life, of love, of having children, of companionship, joy and happiness. There are challenges that come our way, however as we proceed we learn to win every battle our way.

However, one must wonder what the whole debate is all about. Essentially neither of them are superior to each other nor are they different from each other. The end goal is the same in both, that is Marriage. However, arranged marriage takes into account the extended family members, the astrological verification and gives a certain level of security to the parents. That is why most families possibly find a sense of security and satisfaction in approaching marriage in this manner.

We need to understand that, whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage, individual virtues of understanding, empathy and love is what is going to make a marriage work. What many fail to understand is that how a relation starts is not as important as how two people take it forward. Hence, the reason for a happy marriage lies in what people do after marriage for years together, not in how they met each other or how they spent their time before.

Many will agree when we say that a successful marriage brings abundance of success in the couple’s lives, when they are satisfied and happy in the marriage, they are healthy and mentally strong to do well in their professional lives as well and hence it would not be wrong if we said that the person you choose as your partner is going to decide how the rest of your life is going to be. So, make this decision wisely,