Addiction and Relapse: Finding your way out

makar sankranti

At the onset, we hope that all of you had a safe and a Happy Makar Sankranti. 

Addiction is a very unhealthy liking or habit that overpowers your life in ways you haven’t imagined. There are addictions that get so unbearable that we have to take help from the psychologist or if need arises even the psychiatrist. However, every addiction isn’t as bothersome. There are many addictions that we pick up in our day to day lives. We know that what we are doing is wrong and is causing us some sort of physical or mental harm, but we find it difficult to stop it because we have overdone it. Now, these are things that you tend to make an effort by yourself in the beginning. However, eventually, if it gets out of hand, you will have to get in touch with a medical expert. 

What we have to realise here is that even though the nature of our habits or addictions are different, the impact they have on your life is the same. Whatever the addiction may be, it is sure to cause harm sooner or later. This is something we must understand. So, there is time before we reach the critical stage of seeking help and many of us play with this time since addiction is not very problematic at this stage. Hence, there are a few points that we must be aware of. 

  1. Be Self-Aware and Self-Conscious 

If you are having packs of cigarettes everyday or if you are falling prey to any habit that has the potential to hinder your peace of mind, then it’s time you start getting conscious about what is happening. This sense of consciousness helps you snap out of a problem. Be aware of what is happening, pay heed to that passing thought at the back of your mind. At some or the other level, we humans are always aware if something wrong is happening. We often realize it after we are told by an external source or if it causes increasing damage. Why not realize it earlier so that you need not regret it later. This awareness and consciousness about yourself is a powerful source that works against your addiction, so start doing it now. 

  1. How do we if we are actually addicted to something at an earlier stage 

There are many parameters to assess it. Firstly, your behavioral pattern changes. If you feel like spending two hours on the phone scrolling through social media, instead of meeting a dear friend of yours then there are chances that you are addicted to your phone. If you prefer this then you will eventually realize that gradually you will lose out on friends and you will only be left with your phone. Making such decisions is a sign that things are seeming to get out of control. You understand what your habits are, the issue here is that you often tend to fail to make active decisions to bring in change. Many close people, like your family members or your friends, notice these changes in you and give you advice on your behavioural pattern. Sometimes addiction blinds us so much that we even ignore the advice we get. But, if you take the advice and concentrate a little bit on yourself, you will soon find a way out of it.

  1. Relapse: The reality we cannot ignore

Many serious addiction issues often create scope for relapse. This makes your deaddiction process difficult and hard to cope with. Relapse is a situation when you get back to your addiction even after you have kept yourself away from it for a considerable amount of time. But what is required here is enormous amounts of dedication and strength to get over your addiction. You have got to be strong, you have got to remind yourself of the damage your addiction has caused or it might cause to yourself and your family. The sufferer is not just the person who is addicted, it also includes his or her family members, the parents, children, spouse and siblings. They are all impacted due to this one habit in some or the other way. Question yourself, is that little time of enjoyment worth the pain that you have to go through later? No, right. Take meditation and yoga classes and regulate your routine towards improvement. The progress might be slow but you will surely live a quality life where you can enjoy your personal and professional life to the fullest. 

  1. The Choice Is Yours

There was once a man who held a tree so close to himself, because he enjoyed the fruits way more than anybody did. He held the tree so tight and so close, that he did not realise the thorns and bushes that were hurting and piercing through his skin. His attention was on the fruit and the bliss that he got out of it. After a few days he started complaining that the tree is not leaving him, he started yelling and shouting to the people nearby complaining that the tree is not leaving him. They all gathered around him and said, that “Fool, you are the one holding on to the tree and inflicting pain upon yourself. We can’t help you unless you let go of the tree.” The him here refers to all the people who are addicted to some or the other thing and the tree is the addiction. We have to take the first step ourselves. It is us who make the choice of choosing something that is wrong for us and it is us who can make the choice to leave it too. Let go off the tree that bothers you and lead a life that you deserve. 

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