5 ways meditation can improve relationships

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We have various relationships in life like parents, spouse, children, friends, etc. Relationships form a key area of our life. They bring us meaning and joy. They make us feel loved and give us an opportunity to express our love. No one likes to be all alone without any relationships in life. 

It is common to have ups and down’s in relationships. There will be a wide variety of emotions like frustration, anger, love, friendship, gratitude, etc. and there is no relationship in this world which is always rosy. Friction is inevitable in relationships, but sometimes too much friction is experienced in a relationship, and this becomes challenging.

Most of the relationship issues happen because of two factors – stress and impatience. When we are filled with stress, even a little mistake done by the other person can upset us and make us angry. Other person’s flaws are magnified, and it drives us crazy. We also end up throwing our stress on each other. For example, if there is a tough meeting in office that irritates us and makes us stressed, we end up throwing this stress on our family once we come back home by getting irritated or shouting at them for small things. Now, if both wife and husband had a tough day in the office and felt stressed, the relationship goes through great strain.

So, what is the solution to these issues caused due to daily stress? The answer is in meditation. When we do meditation regularly, our stress levels come down. We learn to handle our stress better without throwing it on our family members. Doing regular meditation also helps us build patience. These changes in our personality impact our relationships positively. Below are the benefits seen in relationships because of practicing meditation.

5 ways meditation can transform your relationships:

1. Self-love: Many of us are good at loving others, but we are harsh and critical when it comes to ourselves. We expect too much from ourselves, and when we don’t deliver it, we get disappointed. We carry guilt and self-destructive behaviors unknowingly. We are critical of our appearance and our attitude. Surprisingly, there are many beautiful women who think they are ugly and don’t embrace their beauty. When we meditate regularly, we discover the divinity within us. We start seeing divinity in our body, mind, and soul. We start seeing the beauty within. This leads us to have a positive self-image and improved levels of confidence in life. We start taking good care of ourselves and learn to be gentle with ourselves. Our relationship with our self transforms into a loving and caring relationship.

Guilt is a negative emotion that can destroy our self-confidence and bring down our morale. When we meditate regularly, we also learn to let go of guilt and self-destructive attitudes. Self-love is the first step towards loving the world, and meditation helps in building this self-love.

2. Enhanced marriage: Marriage is a beautiful relationship in which two individuals come together to create and live a new life. It’s pretty exciting and joyful to get married, and all marriages start with a lot of love and sincere promises, but very few marriages retain this magic after a period of time. The primary reason for this is everyday stress like household chores, office, handling various aspects of life, etc. 

When we start meditating and release the stress regularly, the quality of marriage is enhanced. We start seeing the divinity in our partner, and it becomes a magical journey. We develop tolerance for each other’s mistakes. Magic of marriage can be revived with meditation. And when both the partners can meditate together, marriage becomes an altogether different experience with the magic of fresh love every day.

Happy Marriage

3. Joyful parenting: Parenting is a beautiful phase of our life. It is joyful to share our life with a baby and see this baby grow into a beautiful adult. As a parent, we all want to give the best to our children. But, when we are caught up in modern-day stress and hurry, we lose our patience and parenting becomes a burden. We behave unconsciously in parenting, much against our liking, and miss the joy of parenting. Such unconscious behaviors also create guilt in us.

When we meditate regularly, we start seeing our child as a little form of the divine. We open our soul to this beautiful form of divinity and enrich our life and child’s life. We learn to prioritize our life better and make better choices. We enter into conscious parenting and thereby, help our child make conscious choices in life. Parenting style changes altogether when it has meditation as a foundation.

4. Happy relationships: All major relationships of life like relationships with in-laws, parents, boss, colleagues, workers etc. positively transform when we meditate regularly because our patience and acceptance levels improve with meditation. Regular meditation helps us choose our words, actions, thoughts, emotions carefully, and impulsive reactions in relationships come down. This change in us makes us a friendly and loving personality, and automatically, all the relationships in life are enhanced.

5. Improved ability to forgive: In relationships, mistakes are made by ourselves or others, and it’s not always easy to forgive these mistakes. But when we carry the burden of these mistakes, we miss the peace of mind in life, and our health gets impacted negatively. We also miss the joy of present life. So, it is a wise choice to forgive ourselves and others. Meditation makes it easier for us to forgive and move on. It helps us release the burden of the past and embrace the future with joy.

These are the benefits gained in relationships due to meditation. 

It is in your hands to transform relationships of your life. Meditate regularly and enhance the quality of relationships. Enjoy various relationships offered by life to you. No one comes into your life randomly. There is a reason and a big picture behind the presence of every relationship in your life. Cherish these relationships and experience the magic of life. 

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