What NOT to do while raising your child!

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Raising a child is one of the most divine duties bestowed upon parents. Starting from bridging a new life into this world and then eventually raising them is a very significant and humongous task. However, parenting has seen a change over the years, it is not what it used to be. Modern parenting involves intensive planning, even though the number of children couples have today is lesser as compared to the past. 

Today both the parents are working full time and so it becomes difficult to take care of the children. We have to take the help of nannies or caretakers. In all of this, there are chances that we might overlook something or read too much into something, both of these can lead us to take misleading steps. In order to not falter in anything, we bring into perspective a few things that parents should not do, to avoid any damage for the child in the future. 

  1. Pampering with money 

Children are like an empty bowl. They are full of what we give them. You give love, attention, time, affection and values, then they will be full of good virtues and wisdom. If you decide to replace giving time and love with materialistic things, like buying expensive toys or gadgets or giving them expensive clothes then they will value you, as long as you give them gifts. What children require from you is time and attention. Never show them the glitter of money, at a time when they require your time. It is okay if you miss that extra meeting or miss an office party. You have to ensure that you give your child quality time and not replace it with gifts. 

  1. Marks on not everything 

Many parents are concerned about the marks their children get at school. They should be concerned about it because it shows how much your child is learning. The exams conducted are only a method to gauge how well your child is doing. This is never indicative of your child’s overall capability and skills. Every child is blessed with his or her own strengths and weaknesses. It is on the parents and teachers to identify what they are good at. Once you identify that, you will be able to motivate the child to do better. 

However, it is bad to shame your child for their marks, for it can compromise on how confident they are. If you feel like you can perform better than looking at the loopholes, it could be a lack of guidance or an unidentified fear towards the subject and so on. Never say things like “My daughter is weak at math or my son is not great at chemistry’” Phrases like these can make them think they are actually not good. This will impact how confident they are in the future. So never shame them for marks. 

  1. Age appropriate lessons can never be delayed 

There are things that children have to be told from time to time. One thing told earlier or told later can impact how the child thinks. For example, a 10-year-old need not know how much his or her father or mother earns. At the same time, a 20-year-old boy must know what periods are. The timeline you follow to teach your children is very important. Ensure that they know the right things at the right age. This is a very sensitive point because you cannot tend to go wrong with it. 

One misjudgement can make things uncomfortable for the child. They need to understand things to become worldly-wise. 

  1. Listening to your child 

This is something every parent should understand. Many parents often tend to think that children are young and whatever they tell is out of immaturity and it doesn’t really mean anything. However, your child requires you to listen to every little and big thing that you have to say. This is a form of therapy. When we listen, children feel like we care and that is what gives them the reassurance that their parents care for them. This care is promising and warm for the child and it works wonders for your child. 

Raising a child is undoubtedly challenging and it requires an enormous amount of time and effort. It is very important that we make it a pleasant experience of learning and love for your child. The four things you should not do while raising a child are the four pitfalls that we must be careful about. 

Happy Parenting!

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