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new year 2022

Another eventful year has passed by, isn’t it strange how fast the time is flying? Nothing seems to have changed and yet a lot has changed. Coronavirus hit the world and changed how everything works. We started valuing every small thing around us. It has truly been a learning experience for everyone at some of the other levels. We know and understand what we value the most in our life and up to a great extent we all have involuntarily worked towards making ourselves more compassionate and caring human beings. 

Coming to a step closer to our topic of resolutions. We have all probably reached a state where we probably feel like we take up resolutions and eventually forget about them in less than a month. If we observe carefully the resolutions facilitate the change that you seek. Every new day provides you the opportunity to get rid of old habits with new ones, to improve your way of life for the better. The new year is a beautiful transitioning period. You have your leaves, your mind is at rest. It is the perfect time to plan some amazing resolutions to bring about change. 

We cannot possibly tell you what your resolutions are, but this article will certainly guide you on how to make resolutions. 

  1. Take time alone to think and retrospect 

Resolutions are not one-line answers that can be instantly thought of. It is a planned decision. You have to give it time and thought and then plan on how you are going to implement it. People usually think it is a nice topic to discuss and then that’s it. For resolutions to work, take some time off and think. Look back at the previous year from January to December, what are the events that made your life good and what made them unpleasant. Carefully jot down the good moments with an explanation for what made it good and then mark the unpleasant moments and write down what made it bad. This beautiful exercise gives you a good picture of the year that passed by and gives input on both your personal and professional life. Remember the good and bad moments that you identify are for both your personal and professional life. 

  1. What have you always wanted to do?

We are all human beings here. We have the desire in us to do something, achieve something and this is what drives us to make decisions for ourselves. Many times we desire to do something but never find the time to take the decision to do that. The new year is simply the perfect time. List down the things that you have always wanted to pursue, be it any activity or a habit that you have always wanted to change. Be it relationship goals or fitness goals, work goals, or even travel plans, list all of them out and then implement them. When you do this exercise you will actually realize a bunch of things that you have wanted to do. After all, we have only one life, and we must make it happen for us. 

  1. Create a Plan of Action 

Your effort is wasted if you just have the intention and a wish without a plan. Whatever you wish to do must be included in your daily routine. After all your routine is going to be more or less the same, it is your new plans that need to make space in it. So, inculcate your new resolutions actively in your daily routine, and very soon a new sense of gratification will set in. 

  1. Implementation 

Your plan of action should take flight and should be implemented. Simply writing it down is not enough. Regular practice is a must, else the entire effort is a failure. Implement your plans with consistency. If your new year resolution is to walk every day, then ensure to put an alarm, get up and walk for a while every day. If your resolution is to learn cooking then take out time, attend classes and make at least one dish a day. There will be days where some emergency would pop up and it might look like you cannot stick to your resolution, but you should not give up. Squeeze some extra time and you will be able to pursue your task efficiently. Even if you can do it for a little while, it is enough.

Resolutions are actually fun and very purposeful. They serve the purpose of bridging transformation in your life. So, take them up with joy and it will surely do you good. 

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