Summer Time is Vacay Time: Here’s Why!

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The summer holidays provide us with an opportunity to rejuvenate. Most children are done with their final examinations and you too get exhausted working round the clock day after day. A year-long of stress, meeting deadlines, boss’ tantrums, client submissions etc can be overwhelming and you deserve a solid break free of any work commitments. This is even more important for people with children because the summer holidays are the only time of the year when children get uninterrupted leave. Children too need a break, because education is not what it used to be. From primary to high school to university, children face competition throughout the year and they too require a refreshing break from their routine. Summer is your time to enjoy it all. 

Below are 4 solid reasons why you need to take a holiday break during the summer

  1. Connect with nature 

A fresh breeze early in the morning, by the beach, is a feeling that one must experience. The view of the endless ocean releases months of stress. While your children enjoy the wet beach sand and make mud castles, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll with your spouse or friend. Staying by nature opens you up. You can share your innermost thoughts which you might otherwise find difficult to share. Even hill stations keep you close to nature. It will keep you away from the heat of the city and give you a very elated feeling. You can watch streams of rivers forming waterfalls or go trekking. These places are at their best during summers. Imagine going to the beach in the rainy season or a hill station in winter, it will certainly not be the same. So, connect with nature and connect with your soul. We might not realize the need and benefit of making these trips, but we will surely understand the benefits after we are done with the trip. 

  1. Fuel for the rest of the year

We work really hard to earn the money we get every month. We ensure that our families have enough to lead a smooth life. All of this hard work deserves a good break. A trip or a holiday is a gift you give yourself so that you get back with more enthusiasm and zest. It might seem illogical, but a break from work can shower you with numerous benefits. When you get back to work after a holiday, your productivity rate is higher, your approach to problem-solving is more optimistic, moreover, you might find solutions to issues that have been bothering you for a very long time. This summer break with family or friends is truly the fuel for you to function effectively for the rest of the year.

  1. Connect with your school/college friends 

Your friends are more or less leading a similar work-life and are probably facing the same kind of challenges that you tend to face. The summertime is a great time to connect with your school and college friends and plan holidays with them. While you travel with them, you travel back in time and relive all your childhood memories. This excitement and drive in you give you inexplicable happiness and joy. You could plan a nice long trip and visit a series of places. Friends from school and college often live in different cities or even counties. A well-planned summer trip will fulfil your desire to meet your buddies and will give you the break you seek. It also enhances the beautiful relationship you share with them. 

  1.  Well-being of your child 

In our day to day busy routine, we might not be able to give the kind of time we want to give to our children. Vacations and holidays give you an opportunity to play with them and spend quality time with them. For children, this is like a celebration. Most of these vacations are their first visit to a new place. It gives them a proper break from homework and they get their parents’ undivided attention. You can play many board games, indoor or outdoor games with them, while you are on these trips. These are the privileges they enjoy to the fullest. These trips are going to be the memories that they share with their children when they grow up. Most of the childhood experiences shape their personalities. Travelling teaches them to be happy and content and gives them a thrill unparalleled to any other feeling. 

Summer holidays are undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to enjoy and rejuvenate. To make the best of the time you have, chalk out a wonderful trip based on your budget and enjoy it to the fullest. It gives you satisfaction and happiness of a different kind and gives you the motivation to get back to work with a more optimistic mindset. It is a great opportunity to reconnect with your school and college friends. Your children also get to spend quality time with you and they too get a break from their studies. All in all, summertime is vacay time. You deserve this break. 

Happy Holidays!

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