Understanding the essence of Ugadi!


Ugadi is one of the most prominent festivals in the southern territories of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the Ugadi celebration denotes the start of the New Year in these states. Alongside the changing occasions, a ton of things in our lives have been up for a change. This year, in 2021, this Ugadi celebration will be praised on the 13th of April. During these festivities, we, as individuals from a specific state or community, have stepped away from praising certain celebrations. Fortunately for us, the festival of Ugadi is something that has stood by its essence and meaning and celebrated in the same manner even today, this specific celebration is praised with a similar intensity as it was done ages back.

Celebrated on the primary day of the month of Chaitra, as indicated by the Hindu Saki schedule, this celebration is praised in the territory of Maharashtra as ‘Gudi Padwa’. Both Gudi Padwa and Ugadi are a similar celebration. The type of festivities contrasts enormously in the four states, in which it is commended. While the festivities start promptly towards the beginning of the day and go on into the evening, the arrangement of customs that are commended here contrast significantly from one state to another and from one community to another. Thus, read on to know more on why this celebration is commended in its present structure.

Here’s why it is considered a New Year. 

Since Ugadi is about the New Year, it additionally infers to making a new beginning. Along these lines, the festivities start two or three weeks before the real celebration. People tidy up their homes and workspaces. Blinds and curtains are likewise cleaned and every one of the pointless things that are available in the house are disposed of. It is believed that this eliminates all the negativity from the existence of an individual and that of a family. Another significant veneer of this demonstration is the way that the whole family meets up during the cleaning drive and this thus advances close holding among the individuals from the family.

It also highlights skincare. 

The celebration of Ugadi is commended in the long stretch of March or April. It is during circumstances such as this that one requirement to take uncommon consideration of their skin and hair. That is the reason, the ceremonies of this celebration direct that one should scrub down promptly toward the beginning of the day. As indicated by specific societies, this shower must be taken in tepid water. Generally, new and conventional garments are worn on this day after the formal shower. Following this, one needs to oil their skin and hair. The logical rationale behind these ceremonies is joined to guarantee that one takes due care of their skin and hair.

The celebration of flavours. 

The festival of any Indian celebration is considered fragmented without the standard fixings that encompass something very similar. Since this celebration is praised at the beginning of summer, various food products like crude mango and tamarind are fundamental fixings in the indulgences that are related to this celebration. The most well-known dish that is devoured during Ugadi will be Ugadi Pachadi, which is made out of neem, raw mango slices, jaggery and tamarind. This dish is eaten both as a snack and as a fundamental course on this promising day. The fluctuated things that go into the arrangement of this thing advise us that the various feelings of anger, sweetness, bitterness and fear are crucial in making life significant.

Indian festival celebration

Understanding the importance of Panchagram. 

Panchagram is only a chronicle of the New Year and incorporates expectations of the forthcoming moon year. It is generally pursued by the cleric or the oldest person or the head of the family. By tuning in to this, it is guaranteed that the new beginning of the New Year happens on an idealistic note. Another significant part of this is the way that this sort of a social occasion draws out the soul of fellowship among the individuals from a community and encourages understanding among individuals. This is likewise especially significant because it is here that one will give the customs and fables to the future. Typically, this social affair occurs in the late evening upon the arrival of Ugadi.

So, this is why Ugadi is marked as a special festival in Indian culture.  We need to understand the culture as it brings in a sense of community and togetherness between us. So, let’s celebrate this Ugadi with joy and have a happy and prosperous beginning to a wonderful year. 

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