The Art of Reading Others’ Minds

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We live in a world that is constantly changing, constantly moving around us. Change is constant. In a world that is constantly evolving, people can become a part of this change and so no person is exactly the same at two different points in time. Hence, to understand people and gauge them you have to be an expert and your mind should be ready to look through them in order to understand them for your benefit and if you want to help them, for their benefit. 

Every era brings with it different kinds of people, problems, happiness and habits. All of these are not consequential but most of it is because we are caught up with these problems and issues. We need to make an effort to bring ourselves out of this and help others too. 

Let’s focus on thoughts that will help us read others’ minds

  • Keep your mind free: Your own mind should be free of thoughts, free of prejudices and judgement and should be clear enough for you to see others exactly for what they are.  When you yourself are influenced by preconceived notions you’re sure to misinterpret what somebody else is saying. Hence, we should not fall prey to any such misunderstanding or misinterpretation and should be able to see everyone clearly, for you to know how they are and if you want to help or advise them, you will be able to give the right suggestion or advice. 
  • Be Liberal: Liberalism comes from great wisdom and experience. Hence, be liberal in understanding people. On the other hand if you are restricted, prejudiced and reluctant to open yourself up to all possibilities then you are restricting yourself from knowing the reality and knowing the truth. When you read through people’s minds you are going to learn the good and bad in them. But you can’t be carried away by the good nor be put off by the bad. Your primary intention is to just know them, if they want help and you are willing to provide help that is your next choice. Hence be calm and liberal and do not judge people. This will help you maintain good interpersonal relationships with your colleagues at work and with your friends and relatives personally. You’ll not be affected by the bad or the good. Instead you become their well wisher and guide.
  • Look out for signs: Everybody, irrespective of how hard they try to cover their inner self ,has the tendency to show signs of what they are internally, subconsciously. If anybody is sick they might look drained and tired, someone with anger or frustration will look fidgety and irritant, someone who is peaceful and healthy will look happy and content and so and so forth. Each of these signs are visible and will help you understand a person. It is just that we overlook these signs when we are busy with our thoughts and judgements. This will help to understand a person and you can make a decision whether to talk to them or not. In professional situations, in client meetings etc, you meet people for the first time and you are expected to make decisions. Looking out for signs they give out through nonverbal communication is the best way to understand them. 
  • Get into their shoes: We often look at situations differently when we go through them and differently when others go through them. That should not be the case. When you are in a financially tough situation you’re different and when you friend is in a similar situation you give altogether different advice. Is it wise to do so? No, right? Always make an effort to analyse a situation from the viewpoint of the person who is going through it. It is only when you do this, that you understand their limitations, compulsions, weaknesses and so on. Many fights and misunderstandings occur when we fail to recognise issues in this manner. We expect people to understand us while we are in a problematic situation, but we fail to do so when they are in a similar situation. Let us always try to remember the times where we wished somebody helped us or somebody cared for us and we didn’t get that kind of attention. When we think like this, automatically we will develop feelings of empathy for people who are in different situations and we will give our helping hand to them. 

We all live in a social world, it is a society, people are there everywhere, you cannot possibly have a life without people not being around you. Moreover, when we begin to understand them, we begin to truly care for them and when we all mutually do this. This world will become a better place to live. Let’s all lend out our helping hand to those in need and we’re sure to see hands reach out to help us in times of need.

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