Spirituality: Why should we consider it?

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Our spirit is the core of our existence. Our spirit guides us through the journey of life. Spirituality, as an idea, transcends the materialistic world and talks about the idea of the soul and higher realities. Now, if we look at the past, people were more spiritually inclined, teachings focussed on realization. Today with modernized thinking and practicality, It is possible that a lot is not spoken of in philosophy. In Fact, many people criticize these age-old ideas and find them not to be fit for the present world. 

In a situation like this, we still find people who do take interest in spirituality in their own way. This is in a way propagating a pious school of thoughts across. There are many who are against the concept of spirituality. But, it is a choice one has to make. 

Below are a few key benefits of being a spiritual person. 

  1.  You can face every situation 

A spiritual person in some or another way knows the difference between the materialistic and divine. They can find out the difference and hence they understand that everything that happens is for the greater good and so it gives them the courage to face every situation with a balanced mind. Whether it is a tough situation or an easy one you will be able to handle it because of the wisdom bestowed upon you owing to your spiritual practices and approach towards life.

  1.  A closer connection with your inner self

Life is full of ups and downs, busy days, happy days, sad days and so on. In these entire routine occurrences, it is important that you spend some time thinking and retrospecting about your inner self. A spiritual mind enables you to switch into this state of mind and gives your mind and body the rest and peace it deserves. Connect with your inner self and feel happy about it. There are innumerable ways of doing this, if you have a spiritual instructor who can guide you through this then nothing like that. However, this should be totally your call to choose this and practice it for the best outcomes.

  1. A better perspective about life 

A spiritual mind gives you the hope and health to cope with everything and hence life does not remain the same anymore. You look at things differently and so your perspective about life is changed. Imagine, what if the things that bother you day in and day out, stop bothering you isn’t great? There is a world of difference between what you were and what you are when you choose spirituality because such is the power and magic of the soul. 

  1.  You bust the illusion of the three letter demon

Ego, the emotion is one of the worst of its kind, it is a two-sided knife that you carry that hurts you and the people around you. In the end, all you incur is pain. Spirituality makes you understand wiser virtues and higher realms of life. Hence you find it easier to get over your ego and when you get over your ego, it is like cleaning specks of fog, the world around you is clear, you understand reality for it is. Emotions of empathy and understanding take birth in you and life become vibrant for you and the people around you. 

  1. Knowledge, the base of it all

Knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean bookish knowledge, it means to gain knowledge that transforms your life. Bookish knowledge without practice in real life is of no use. Hence spirituality always encourages people to seek knowledge that can prove elementary in changing their lifestyle for the better. Everything you learn needs to be put to actual practice. After years of this practice, you will finally get to a level where you can see things with wisdom and adore the real beauty of the universe. 

Spirituality is not just about inculcating a new habit in your life, it is simply a way of life. You have to willingly and positively surrender in the path to enjoy it. The way we lead our lives we cannot probably change it all overnight, but we definitely can take one step at a time and over days, months, and years a beautiful result is assured. Every baby step matters here. It is undoubtedly difficult but it gives you in ways you can’t imagine. 

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