Spirituality: The need of the hour

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We have reached a time in humanity where challenges exist in every phase of life. Our lifestyles have changed, World dynamics are changing constantly and people’s perceptions are changing with time. With change and such rapidity, it becomes difficult for us to handle regular challenges. Problems get blown out of proportion that we need to seek medical help for them. Our mind works continuously when you’re asleep when you’re awake when you eat when you work etc. it thinks about things that you give it to think about. A powerful weapon by itself, your mind can make or break things at the same instant. 

Your heart, your emotions, your feelings are again a creation of your conscience. You feel bad when someone says something to you. But in reality, the issue is that we need to keep our mind so strong that we should be unaffected by any external effect. 

Going ahead, things are going to get tougher. Our lives are going to go through bridges and tough paths. For you to face all of this, is simply doing your day to day routine enough? Think about it. At times, you might feel restless for no reason. A sense of aggression and anger take over you easily. 

Misconceptions about spirituality

Spirituality is your answer. Many of us might think spirituality means religion. You might think it a certain cult that proposes certain practices of spirituality. We must define spirituality in a way that brings a change in us.

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Spirituality is a matter of choice. Nobody is going to ask you or force you to become spiritual, unless you, by your natural will, get accustomed to being spiritual. The spirituality-religion dynamic has been spoken about a lot. But, in reality, a person can be spiritually devoid of his/her religious practices. 

Why is there a need to become spiritual?

Your spirituality is meant to look within and when we say look within it means to not look at the materialistic world but look at your spirit, your soul and experience the beauty of life. Many of us might think that these are the kind of things monks and priests do, we as humans can’t do that. You might be partially right while saying so. Yes, monks are known to practice certain things that keep them in a certain state of mind. 

We need not aim for a utopian idea of spirituality. But we must think of spirituality as a means to reduce the impact and occurrences of unpleasant and negative experiences in our life. 

Take small steps 

Spirituality, for you, could be meditating for half-an-hour a day. It could be doing yoga every day or maintaining silence for a few hours every day. It could also be following certain religious rituals and so on. In all honesty, it is what you do to turn away from worldly affairs. What steps you take to heal yourself from your negative experiences and invite pleasant experiences. Every step counts. 

Find your way 

As spirituality is a matter of choice. Everybody has their way to be spiritual. Find your way too. You may be in awe of someone’s manner of practising spirituality that you might want to follow their way of doing it. It could also be possible that you might figure out your way of being spiritual and will want to practice and promote or keep it to yourself. Again, it is your choice. But, do not fall into the wrong trap of the following someone blindly. Look at the situation pragmatically and find your way. 

The goal of being spiritual 

The ultimate goal of being spiritual is to be in peace. To look at everything of what it is, to be unaffected by the negatives of the environment. To operate your mind and body in the best possible manner, according to your wish and will. The goal has to be achieved or else all your practices and methods are a waste. Mere book reading or blindly following is not going to make a difference. What is required is dedication and will to get beyond your limitations. 

Spirituality, as a topic of study and as a practice requires a lot of wisdom, maturity and timely guidance. Extreme care has to be taken to ensure that you are conscious of what you are doing. People often use spirituality as a means to change their life, which is a good life-changing decision. However, it should not alter in anyways the realities of your life. Your life is composed of the truths you live daily. You shouldn’t do anything that alters your life. 

Think wise, take the right step, slowly and steadily you’ll observe changes and soon you’ll realise that you’ve come far from where you used to be and are living a life that is enhanced and spiritual. Your spirit is happy! 

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