Spirituality for Youth

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Spirituality is essentially an awakening. While there is a lot being spoken, written and preached about spirituality, it is important to realize what appeals to you, when and how. Often spirituality is associated with people who are aged and select few young individuals like Swami Vivekanada who inspired many. But today, we also see the young ones turn towards spirituality to take their mind away from the stress and tension they have been through.

Spirituality is definitely a choice, but it is not a choice only for the aged. You can choose to be spiritual even if you are younger. Also, being spiritual doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy life or that you should follow stringent rules and regulations. Being spiritual is a way of life and it will do good to you if you practice it rightfully. Hoping for transformations overnight is not what it is about. It is creating space for bliss and peace in your life forever.

Benefits for spirituality for youth 

  1. Learn before you make mistakes

We are humans, no matter how much we are told to not do something, we still do it. We learn only when we actually experience discomfort and regret after we make our mistakes. But a spiritual mind learns from experiences around and keeps us away from the pitfalls on our path. So we are aware of our pitfalls and we can carefully choose to ignore them. If we think about it, we are perfectly aware of every mistake we commit and the consequences of the same. We realize it after it happens and then regret it telling, “Oh, I knew this was gonna happen”. But a spiritual mind is more active and aware and turns the situation to “I know this is not good for me and so I’m not going to do it”. It gives you strength and clarity. As a youth, these are two things that are required the most. 

  1. The art of patience 

As youngsters, we all need to put in consistent efforts and wait for the result. We want instant results for the time and effort we put in. But what we do not realise is that what gives us instant satisfaction is not going to last long. Very soon you will go back to square one. Spirituality gives you wisdom and makes you understand what patience is. It makes you realise that the longer the wait is, the sweeter the success. A spiritual doesn’t just know that he/she has to wait but also knows how to wait. You have to wait with faith, belief, consistency and hope. Have faith in what you are doing and believe in your work, be consistent in your efforts and hope for the best every day. Spirituality makes this path smooth and easy for you. This is the second reason why we should be spiritual. Spirituality makes you understand and realize things on time. 

  1. Perception: The lens with which you see and experience 

Perception is subjective, but perception is everything. What you see is what you believe and what you believe is what you feel and what you feel is what you act upon and what you act upon defines who you are. Perception is very important. Through spiritual practices, one can redefine how they see the world and how they feel about it. Instead of being a victim to the environment, you can decide to choose what to take and what to understand out of it. A spiritual person knows to eliminate the negatives and keep his/her mind open for positive and blissful experiences.

  1. Transformation and awakening 

We all want to do something to change things for the better. You can get this by transforming yourself for your own good. This awakening is nothing but self-realization, which is basically your ability to see everything for what it is. When you develop a vision to see the truth for what it is you are spiritually awakened. When you are in that state you are able to see a situation for what it is, without any prejudice or judgement. This sense of broad-mindedness in seeing the situation gives you the ability to accept situations and tackle them just the way they are. Negative emotions have no space in your mind and your path is clear. Worrying about past incidents or worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow also becomes non-existent. Hence, your mind is active, in the present and this gives scope for numerous possibilities. 

The entire aim of spirituality is to make life easier for you. To divert your attention from pain and misery to happiness and bliss. Today’s youth require such a mindset so that they do not fall prey to unprecedented consequences. Hence, spirituality can lead you to the path of true success and bliss.

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