Simple Feng Shui tips for a happy life

feng shui stone - tips for a happy life

Be it an animal or a bird or a human, the most comfortable place on this Earth is one’s home. Humans, since ancient times, have been looking for ways to enhance the positivity of the immediate space around them, and in this pursuit, several Sciences took birth and evolved over time. One such Science is Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Science which talks in detail on how to make any space – home or office – suitable and conducive for one’s well-being. A person’s well-being is the sum total of one’s health, wealth, relationships, and peace. Feng Shui gives concrete tools to leverage one’s home and office space and surrounding objects in achieving one’s goals. It’s a vast subject developed over several centuries of time. Today, let’s see some simple Feng Shui tips which we can easily incorporate in our day-to-day life for a well-balanced happy life.

Simple Feng Shui tips for a happy life Feng Shui tips for a happy life:

1.Respect your wallet and money: A prosperous happy life is every person’s basic need.Wallet is an important aspect of one’s wealth and prosperity and plays a key role in attracting more abundance in life. Taking good care of wallet and money reflects one’s respectful attitude towards prosperity and money in life. Below are some pointers on how to take care of wallet and money

1. Declutter your wallet. Remove all the unwanted visiting cards, old bills, expired credit and debit cards lying in your wallet for years. 

2. Keep your stuff in your wallet neatly organized.

3. Stack your physical money in order. Remove all those crumpled and torn notes.

4. Don’t throw your wallet around casually and carelessly. When not in use, place it in a respectable place of your home.

5. Don’t use wallets with scary or depressing pictures on it.

2.Be mindful of the objects surrounding you: Objects you see and use impact your subconscious mind and shape your life over a period of time. You become what you see day in and day out. So, be mindful of the objects around you because this is what you see every day. Below are some pointers on arranging the objects surrounding you.

1. Keep objects that bring you joy. If your entire home is filled with objects that bring you joy, the way you wake up and live your life transforms. Your home will feel like a temple of joy to you, which evokes inspiration to live a beautiful life. Invest your time and energy in surrounding yourself with objects which matter to you and bring you joy. More than fashion and the trends, what matters is – “does the object bring you joy or not?”. Make your home a temple of joy.

Happy life

2. Remove all objects which evoke negative thoughts and emotions of sadness, anger, hatred in you – like depressive or scary paintings or paintings depicting cruelty or battles.

3. Remove objects associated with unhappy incidents in life – like a gift from an ex-partner whose memory makes you sad or angry.

4. Repair, replace, or throw away any broken and non-functional objects like a stopped clock or broken mirrors etc.

5. Arrange objects around you in an orderly fashion.

6. Keep paintings or images which are symbols of health, prosperity, love and peace – like laughing buddha, beautiful painting of nature, couple ducks, children playing happily, etc.

7. De-clutter the space around you. Just like we need breathing space, our homes, wardrobes, kitchen shelves, bookshelves also need breathing space. So, remove all the clutter, heaps and piles around.

8. Use Feng Shui wealth colors – gold and purple tastefully to decorate the space around you.

9. Keep objects which reflect your past success and achievements like awards, medals in a place that you see regularly. This boosts your self-esteem and confidence and plays an important role in your success.

10. Think twice before you buy any second-hand objects because they carry energies of the previous owner, which could be good or bad depending on the owner.

3.Take good care of your kitchen: In Feng Shui, the kitchen is a symbol of health and prosperity. A badly maintained kitchen not only is unhygienic and unhealthy, which can negatively impact the health of the family but can also negatively affect one’s prosperity and abundance in life. So, taking good care of the kitchen helps you in attracting health, abundance, and prosperity in your life. Below are some pointers on the kitchen.

1. Keep your kitchen neat and tidy. Invest your time in removing any kind of insects and cockroaches.

2. Keep the stove area clean, without any of those spill-overs and burnt material lying on the stove.

3. Neatly organize all the storage containers.

4. Declutter your kitchen. Allow your kitchen area to breathe.

5. Don’t let the used plates and used kitchen utensils sit in the sink for long.

6. Keep your sink clean.

7. Place paintings and symbols of abundance in the kitchen like a painting of cornucopia or good food.

8. Brighten up your kitchen space with good lighting or natural Sunlight.

9. Keep trash cans out of the kitchen. This is hygienic.

10. Keep sharp knives and forks out of sight. You can place them in a closed drawer.

11. Keep a bowl of fresh fruits in your kitchen. This symbolizes health and abundance. This also serves as a reminder to eat fruits.

4.Some more Feng Shui pointers

1. Don’t keep any kind of sharp, pointed objects around you in sight. These objects prick your energies.

2. Fill your space with indoor plants. These attract health and freshness and also enhance the mood.

3. Keep your toilets clean and closed. This is hygienic.

4. Repair any leakages around like leaking pipes and sinks.

5. Avoid sitting or sleeping under a beam. 

These are some simple and easy Feng Shui tips you can apply in your day-to-day life to enhance the positive energies in your happy life. Space around you plays an important role in shaping your decisions, thoughts, and emotions. So, respect the space around you and take good care of it so that the space around you can take good care of you. Empower your home so that it can empower you in return. That’s the core of Feng Shui.

Wishing you good health, prosperity, love, peace.

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