Self-realisation and spirituality

Monk Meditation

These are two terms that free you and keep you sane and happy. We are always concerned with the world of materialism and accomplishing our professional goals and fulfilling our ambitions.

Have you wondered about the purpose of your life?

What exactly gives you peace and satisfaction?

What are the real pleasures of life?

Let’s look into these topics and find out what we are and what is best for us. Peace and tranquility and the means to get it, is not only propagated for a particular religion or faith but is meant for humanity at large. Humanity is the biggest of all the faiths.

When you look around from where you are the world seems to look like a huge motion of a series of beings and the materials that have been created by the most fortunate of the beings, the human being. The human is the most gifted because the human has what the other creatures don’t. The faculty of knowledge. Knowledge is the means to fulfill all your duties and ultimately attain the purpose of your life.

Lessons of Wisdom


Why is it that even after achieving the best of the things we still seem to regret some decisions or still feel like we have more left to achieve. Contentment and satisfaction should be a part of your regular life, not an aspect of the future. That is our first lesson of wisdom. We have to look around and be thankful for what we have, rather than feeling unhappy for what we don’t. Our mind should be ever content. 

Good vs Bad

Take keen interest in activities that elevate your self-identity and that helps you at all times. We all think that there are good times and bad times and so we accordingly act or respond to it. But isn’t the good actually good because we made it so? And the same applies for bad too? No one has been able to run away from the concept of equal reaction to every action. Hence, our focus should be on pursuing every act of ours for the good. This doesn’t mean that everybody should embrace sainthood, it means that we embrace the good, abstain from everything that is known to be bad. Believe in the higher forces, even if people do not want to do that, believe in oneself. When we look for the good in every task we do, be it the task at our work or the task at home, we will develop a neutral attitude, which will sail us peacefully through situations and will keep us happy and content

Less/more or Balance, what’s the key?

The third lesson of wisdom is that, too much or too less, both are equally unpleasant. If you eat too much you are called unhealthy and if you eat less you are still called unhealthy, if you cling to people too much they feel uncomfortable,.if you are indifferent to people, they still feel uncomfortable, if you forget everything and only work, you are called selfish and if you forget work and only laze around you are again called irresponsible. So, anything that has a “too” behind isn’t good. If we work to the best of our abilities and give adequate results that should do, similarly if we eat just as much as our body requires, that should do. Intelligent ones are ones that go out of their way and achieve, brilliant people are those who do just as much as required. Do enough, be responsible, maintain balance. Hence, do not be attached or detached.

The guide’s guidance

The next lesson of wisdom is the role of a guide or a teacher. We all need teachers at school, a sports coach for games, a dance teacher for dance, a boss at work, parents at home and so on. In every aspect of life we need a guide who can show us the way ahead. Why not have a guide to help you show light on your path ahead. It is always good to have company isn’t it? People today have life coaches and other leaders etc, you’ve got to be wise, mature and smart to choose the right person. Even if you don’t find a person around you, a spiritual leader of the past or any monk or a divine figure can become your guide. You might be impressed by the teachings and values a certain person has propagated. You can go ahead and adapt to a life on the basis of your values. Books carry ample knowledge of teachings of various people at various points in time. Learn from them, adapt these teachings and learnings and make that a part of your life.  

The way ahead

We have to remember that we are the hero/heroine of our lives and therefore we have to take it on our shoulders to make full and good use of our lifetime and invest our time in ehnacing our way of life and help others too. 

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