Non-Violence the best way ahead!


October 2nd is the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and with this let us all remember his policies, philosophy and doctrines that made him who he was. On the day of his birth let us delve into the concept of nonviolence and how it benefits as individuals. 

Along with Gandhi it is also the birthday of Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India whose role in the white revolution and green revolution can never be forgotten. Shastri’s role in the 1965 Indo-China war is appreciated even today. Slogans like ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ are echoing in our years upto this day because of his political clout. It is essential we remember him also on this day because his contribution to the nation is as extraordinary and special as Gandhi.

A Little About Gandhi 

The man needs no introduction, he was undoubtedly a visionary, a leader who led this country towards a brighter future and got this nation the independence it deserved. His philosophies, his approach and his ideas were vividly accepted and appreciated by many not only in India but by people across the world. But it is his take on Non-Violence that has gained him the fame and garnered him followers across. 


Non-violence literally means to not be violent for anything and attain your goals without pertaining to any form of violence. Gandhi adopted this policy for fulfilling the promise made by him and several other leaders of an Independent India. 

Many leaders of that time who believed in forceful means to attain freedom did not agree with the Gandhian philosophy. However, everybody’s contribution is valuable and made a difference to the independence struggle that lasted many decades. 

We are the change for our Nation

Today when we look back we realise how much has gone to build this nation. As a nation we must appreciate our history for the people that gave their lives to bring this nation to this stature. The crimes that happen and the unjust actions that we see are to be stopped and for that we need to be the change, we have to ensure that a criminal is forced to leave his negative ways and look at life in a healthy perspective. We have to ensure that women are walking safely even in the middle of the night, we have to ensure that our goals of unity and co-existence are achieved without any communal problems and distasteful politics. So all of this goes to say that we are the change that the nation seeks.

Adapting to Non-Violence as individuals: The Philosophy and beyond

Non-violence doesn’t just mean refraining from outwardly or physical violence it also means to keep away from thoughts that are violent as that can lead you to a very uncomfortable place. Thoughts that harm you or others are as bad as actions that bother you and others. What is the mind is what manifests itself as reality. Hence as budding individuals we have to realize the power of our thoughts and actions and ensure that nothing we do knowingly or unknowingly is bothering anybody in any way. Removing violent thoughts would mean to give up on negative emotions of vengeance, jealousy, unjustified anger, temper, unwanted irritation and so on and so forth. 

Peace and non-violence are more like two sides of the same coin, if non-violence is practiced, peace automatically sets in, in such an environment and if there is peace it certainly means that there is no form of violence that exists. All of this goes to say that by peaceful means anything and everything can be achieved. 

By peaceful means you can make your colleague or boss understand any serious issue, instead of falling prey to anger or irritation. This is what it would mean to adapt to non-violence as an individual. 


The International Day Of NonViolence has a lot to teach us in terms of tolerance and patience. This is what we require in our lives as individuals and this is exactly what the nation seeks today. We have to be tolerant towards others and patient towards our friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, helpers etc. This profound sense of empathy can change the lives for all not just for now but for a beautiful future too. 

It is empathy and compassion for this nation that made Gandhi and Shastri contribute towards the nation, it is this sense of selfless love that made Gandhi make a country independent and it is the same sense of love that made Shastri serve the nation until his last breath. 

Let us learn from our stalwarts and here is hoping for a life and living that is highly driven by compassion, generosity, respect, gratitude and a huge amount of love.

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