Golden rules to be the best version of yourself

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Each of us have different stories to tell, different people around us and different challenges and happiness in our lives but there are a few golden rules that we can follow irrespective of our individual circumstances. 

Let’s dive into them. There are nine such rules, if we curate and adapt them and make them part of our lives, we’re sure to make it peaceful, happy and exciting!

  1. Do not indulge in any habit/activity/practice that is uncomfortable or which you know will make you sad and disheartened in the longer run

You know exactly what it is, you feel the disturbance within you, but find it hard because you feel like it is a part of your life anyway. In case you have taken it up being unaware of it, it’s okay, pull yourself back. In our lives, we have to unlearn. We have to forget the wrong habits in order to make space for the good ones. It could be something as simple as the tendency to simply tease somebody at a gathering. It might not be a big deal for you but it is bothering somebody. It could be the habit of being lazy and postponing your task. Many people have normalised procrastination. No, it should not be the case. Yes, you are human so you’re allowed to make mistakes, but you have to learn from them too. You cannot make your errors a habit. Hence, unwind and unlearn from all these habits and activities or practices that are actually bothering you or others. If you keep making fun of your friends, people will stop inviting you to gatherings. That would pinch you so be sensitive and realise everything you do comes back to you, be it good or bad. 

  1. Everyday is an exercise day

Exercising is a beautiful habit. It doesn’t mean only to lift heavy weights in the gym or running miles at a stretch. It means to dedicate time for your body, your organs are active when you exercise and you sweat out the excess fat and your skin pores open up and you feel lighter and brighter when you are done. This doesn’t mean exercising for hours together, it only means to rejuvenate, to get back to your regular routine. Further, you have a plethora of choices for exercising, running, dancing or zumba, yoga, power yoga, gymnastics, swimming and all the sports such as cricket, volleyball, basketball, football, all of these activities keep you happy and healthy. 

  1.  Brain is active only when you feed with the right food

Our brain thinks about the things we feed it with, if you tell your brain that you are upset, your brain will be upset for however long you wish it to be so. If you ask your brain to think about monkeys, it’ll happily do so. This doesn’t mean to dictate yourself about everything. But, you can give your brain the motivation to survive, the patience to wait, the wisdom to elevate yourself. Every success story has a great vision and manifestation established in the past, hence visualising your successful self waiting to embrace you in the future. Visualise your ambitions materialize into reality. When you practice this, after a period of time, you will feel uplifted and motivated. 

  1. Past is only a reference point and that’s it, you’ll not find anything there

Never dwell in the past. “ Oh, it used to be so nice back then, look at things now” or “Onlyif I could go back to that time and relive again, I would be eternally happy.”

These are statements we keep making and keep thinking that the past and future are always better than the present. This is not right, your present is beautiful, you’ve a privileged life, you have your clothes to wear, a home to live in, friends and family around you, a good career and so on. Why do we focus on the loopholes, why is it that our attention is always fixed on that small defect and not on the other beautiful things we have. We have to learn to get over that and it is really simple. Just look at what you have and it is obviously more than what you don’t. 

Whether you past was good, bad, beautiful, uncomfortable or blissful or terrible, it is still in the past. Do not ruin your present in the name of the past. Your present is an opportunity to make your future beautiful and bright.

  1. Overthinking

It is like searching about a headache on the internet and you get names of big diseases in your search list. This is how overthinking is, it bothers you and troubles you and then gives you an impression as if it’s all serious. Sit down and relax, because it isn’t!

Overthinking is like a bug that eats you and then you feel foolish to have given in to it. So, do not worry or overthink and waste your time. If you are in a worrisome situation, stay strong and always think that the problem is way smaller than your existence and you will find a way out of it for sure. Further, what is meant to happen will happen, the choice we have is to either face it like a warrior or shy away from it. You know which is better!

  1. Physical appearances

Our physical appearance is a gift of nature. We make it a reflection of our inner self. We should not waste our time in analysing our hair, looks or body type instead we have to ensure that we are happy with how we look. Our inner confidence should be strong enough for us to face the world outside. Think of it, it is all in the head. You walk out with confidence and strength. People will not mess with you, if you walk out scared and under confident then people will surely underestimate you more. Hence you have to take care of your body and you do have the right to decide and choose what you want to wear and so on. However that should not be the criteria for your confidence or the criteria for your personal and professional achievements in your life. 

  1. Anger is toxic

Anger is a negative emotion and you have to learn how to regulate it. People have lost friends and broken relationships because of their anger. You have to learn how to control it. You shouldn’t lose your temper in trivial issues and even if a very testing time comes, learn to react in a calm manner. Every person in the world regrets what they do in anger, it could be the words they spoke or the decisions they took or anything else. The outcome of anger is regret, but you won’t have people to listen to your sorry every time. Hence be heedul, and take up practices like meditation to manage your anger and stress.

  1. Do your bit

True happiness is when you can make another family happy along with your own. You are the happiest when you make other people’s lives better along with yours. Life is different for everybody. But if you can make a difference in another person’s life by helping them financially or emotionally or teaching them something that is life changing for them, then, nothing like that. Do your bit for one time and see how it makes you feel, if you feel good then continue doing so. Remember the good you do finds its way back to you.

  1. Last but not the least

Believe in what you are doing. Your life has a core to it, identify the core and believe it, everything around will fall in place. The core of your life should have what you believe in the most, what you love to do the most and that becomes the purpose of your life. For some prayer is the core of their life, for some it is a sport that drives them to achieve more, for some it is a passion to save animals and plants and so on. Find out your core and you’re sure to have a sorted and a smooth life ahead.

These are the golden rules that can make you shine like the sun in the morning and the stars in the night. Your habits will be etched in you and will surely make you the person you always wanted to be. Take your first step now!

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