Fear and Faith cannot go hand-in-hand

child fear and anxiety

In this article, you will figure out the role of fear and the power of faith. Hence, we will look into the aspects that will keep fear at bay and aspects that will keep our faith strong and will give us the courage to face the reality and win over it. 

Why Fear? Why Faith?

Fear is the lack of knowledge, not making an effort to learn from experiences and developing ignorance as an emotion towards your surroundings creates and instills fear. One has to make an effort to learn from past experiences and should do all that one can do to curb the emotion of fear. Fear consumes your positive emotions such as confidence, courage and motivation and intensifies your negative emotions such as insecurity, anger and tension. There is nothing good that can come out of fear in the long run. Further it also feeds on your intellect and takes away your individual sense of judgement of what is right and what is wrong. This will make your more dependent on others and will slowly take away your sense of individuality. 

Faith is the belief one has on oneself, on the people around and in events that surround their life. Such a sense of optimism and confidence can come only with good self discipline, good mental and physical health, healthy surroundings, company of people with good vibrations and so on. Yes, we cannot ignore that fact, no matter what you will still have negative people trying to make things uncomfortable or negative situations that will keep you unpleasant. But, because of your strong faith in yourself, you will not succumb to any of this and will cross any situation with a free mind and a strong will. 

What causes fear and how to keep away from it.

  • Ignorance 

Not paying attention to your surroundings, keeping your mind bereft of the difference between the right and wrong. Not realizing the kind of people you hangout with and the impact they have on your life. Not having control on your thoughts, actions and habits. When all of the above are not in your control, it means that you have been ignorant and haven’t made the effort to realize the impact all of these have on your life. This will lead to a lot of fear, you would have been in the company of the wrong people for very long, so much so that you might be unhappy in your life but you wouldn’t realise what the reason is. Yes, it is highly possible that your so-called friends are causing this unpleasantness which is leading to fear. Fear is seldom sudden, it is a long term consequence of what has been happening. Hence, recognise those aspects in your life that keep you uncomfortable and sad. Open yourself to new possibilities, learn and acquire knowledge from your experiences and beyond and than you will never know what fear was.

  • Bad Habits, Addiction, Obsession, Possessiveness

All of the above lead to insecurity and fear. You know what is good and what isn’t good for your body and mind. If you still continue pursuing any habit that causes harm, then you are inviting fear in your life. Addiction is loss of independence. So much so that one can’t live without that one thing anymore, a person loses his/her sense of individual control and is dependent on something else. Addiction blinds a person and also causes unnatural fear of the consequences. Obsession is also not a very positive treat. For example when you obsess over a person, your mind is so into it that you cannot imagine a time where you aren’t obsessed. The loss of the same can create insecurity and fear. The same for possessiveness too. Hence the only way to avoid fear is to ignore bad habits, get rid of what you are addicted to, not to obsess over anything or anybody and to never be proud of anything you possess.

  • Establishing and re-establishing faith 

Faith is powerful and so to establish faith that is strong, one must be able to understand what gives them that kind of strength and then stick to it for them 

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