Emotional strength in difficult situations and how we can manage them

Emotional strength in difficult situations and how we can manage them

When we are put through several tests and difficult situations we often tend to forget our practical skills and strength to apply them. Many times a bad situation becomes worse only because we do not approach it the right way and we tend to complicate things. 

No tough situation is tougher or less tough it is simply tough for you. The key here is to understand that we have to prepared to face situations as they come. We might have control of a lot of things that happen to us in our lives. However, there are numerous situations in our life where we do not know what we have to do and that is when we need to be calm, we need to think, we need to strengthen and we need to the right things without delay and in a dignified manner. 

Many are of the idea that these tough situations are the ones that define your true self. They are similar to a goldsmith who hits a stone a lack of times until he designs it the way he had imagined it to be. So, when you feel you are facing an extremely turbulent and difficult time in your life, remember it is for your own good, you are provided with the opportunity to raise your quality of life. The situations leave you as a more mature, wise and practical person. 

Hence, here are a few tips that will help you manage your crisis. 

  1. Never be blinded by opinions: There are many who hover around you with advice. Some might give you good advice and it is likely that many will give you blind advice. Irrespective of how old you are or how experienced you are. Remember that any situation that you face is something that you have seen your parents, peers or relatives have faced. There would always be a sense of instinct within you. Always go by this. Your upbringing, your experiences, doesn’t matter how big or small they are, your knowledge and your perception all together contribute to your understanding of a situation. Go by this and for sure it is going to be right. 
  2. Keep anxiety, tension and worry at bay: If there emotions that are meant to bother you and have no good role to play in your life whatsoever, they are anxiousness, tension and worry. Remember they are your staunch enemies, especially when you are facing a tough situation. Always keep yourself calm, take 2-3 mins to meditate, close your eyes and calm yourself down. Since you are in a tough place, it is going to be difficult to keep these emotions away but you’ll be able to get the best out of you if you succeed in keeping these strong negative emotions at bay. 
  3. Mature thinking and action-based approach: When a difficult situation arises, you have to get out of your shell and behave accordingly. You cannot afford to think like you always, you have to change your thinking hats, think pragmatically, think laterally and then you will be the least affected by the situation. Further, you have to act on your decisions and act on them quickly. Any difficult situation demands positive action. Merely planning and hoping for things to change without any move would not bring you out of the situation. 
  4. Accept it: Many are so affected by a certain situation that they prefer being in denial or being deluded. They do not want to accept and want to be indifferent to what is happening. What one must realise is that a difficulty that has cropped up in your life is entirely yours to handle. Ignoring its existence will land in future misery and probably way more difficult. Therefore, accept, it is hard to go through that path but one has to have firm faith in themselves, they have to realise that passings clouds will be gone, they will get back to their former glory soon. This is not a philosophical quote, rather it is absolute reality. We have never had days together filled with sadness, nor have we had multiple days full of happiness. These moments of sadness and happiness are always in combinations and the best way is to keep your mind calm irrespective of what happens in your life. 
  5. Win it: The day or the moment you have crossed that tough terrain, your world is full of refreshment, it is like spring season again. The sun rays reach your windows, your regular activities seem like a celebration and your life takes on a different path. You start feeling good about your regular day to day issues, thinking they are way better than serious problems. That is why it is always said, keep hope, keep the faith you will get your answers!

The main catch here is to keep your learnings from your challenging times close to your mind and heart as they will change the way you think and understand the world around you.

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