5 Steps to maintain a balanced mind

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A calm mind gives the best results. To ensure you are living a balanced life, you have to ensure that you maintain adequate balance. This balance will ensure a healthy body and the most important a healthy mind. 

Here are five steps to maintain a balanced mind

Accepting Realities 

Reality is not always bad, it is not always good either, it is what it is, what will give you comfort is accepting the reality for what it is. Staying in denial, being deluded, overthinking and worrying, all of this is going to instill in you an enormous amount of anxiety and imbalance and hence accepting the reality will be the first step towards solving the problem. Remember, there is NO problem that can not be solved. It is all in the mind, you make it a point to accept it for what it is and then you will realize not just one but multiple ways to resolve a problem. In history and in the future, accepting the truth has always helped people. Do not think that accepting reality means to give up or to compromise. There is a very big misconception that by accepting the problem, you are compromising and are getting defeated. No, this isn’t true, by accepting a problem, you create possibilities of solving the problem and getting rid of it. Hence, Acceptance is the first step towards maintaining a balanced mind. 

Physical and Mental Harmony 

Physical health and mental health are equally important in any situation and at any point in time. Whether you are 20 or 60, your mind and body should be fit enough to perform regular activities. This is not about looking like a model on the ramp, it is just about regulating a regime for your mind and body so that you can experience life in its true nature. Physical health can be maintained with exercises or games, while mental health can be maintained only through skillful management of lifestyle. Do not accumulate your mind or body with things that would bother them, keep them peaceful. Keep your mind free of pessimistic thoughts and worries and keep your body free of unnecessary junk food or drinks that may harm this harmony. This harmony creates a beautiful rhythm in your body and when you harm your body or mind with your actions, then this harmony is disturbed. Hence maintaining this harmony is your second step towards maintaining a balanced mind

Forgetting: The Key to Rejuvenation 

We often don’t realize but forgetting is such a boon. Subconsciously forgetting something is natural but what if we make a conscious effort to forget things that bother us. Wouldn’t that be great? Take small steps towards this, stop striking conversations about topics that seem to bother you, this could be about some uncomfortable situations of the past or a bad phase or anything else. Stop interacting with people who seem to have a negative impact on you. Eventually, you will realize that you do not think of these people in these situations, it is wiped out of your memory. Bad experiences are a part of life, but it is us to give fuel to it and retain it in our minds and hearts, even after the phase is over, this is only going to incur more unwanted pain and hence learn to consciously forget and you will see that your mind is in balance.

Always Remain A Child

It is the curiosity and inquisitiveness in the child that makes the child leaned all life skills, attain knowledge and this keeps the child happy. When you are doing something new, there is no scope for boredom and you could always feel updated. It’s only when you are bored doing all that you already do, that you feel like there is no spark in life, or that nothing new is happening. Developing new interests leads to meeting varied people and adds more life to your routine. Hence, you have to pursue the desired inquisitiveness and desire to pursue new tasks and fill your routine with activities that give you profound joy. Remaining the child is surely your fourth step to maintaining a balanced mind

Gratitude and Contentment 

Contentment is not an occurrence of the future. Gratitude is a feeling that shouldn’t come only when something extraordinary happens. You should feel thankful for everything you have without discrimination. Do you have food to eat today? Great, feel good about it. You were able to have a fun time with friends over the weekend? Perfect, feel grateful that you were able to do it. The more grateful you feel for the things that you have, the more experiences you get to feel grateful about. Hence, believe in the power of gratitude and this will help you get rid of the negativities in life and eventually lead to a balanced state of mind.

From accepting realities to feeling grateful for all that you have, all these steps to maintain a balanced life, need you to be persistent, dedicated and optimistic. It requires courage to look beyond your limitations. If you possess these virtues, then you must know that once you cross this river, great and magnificent things are waiting for you!

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