5 steps to change your life right now

change your life

Feeling sad about your life? Feeling like a loser? Frustrated about not knowing how to change your life? Are health, wealth, relationship issues troubling you? Do you wonder about the purpose of your life? All these feelings do come in life, and life seems like a puzzle. Various life events like marriage, childbirth, promotion happen, but still, life feels challenging. 

We come across wellness concepts like yoga, meditation, good foods to eat, healthy habits, etc. Some of us watch many videos and read many books on changing our life. And some of us enroll in new courses and learn about new things too. But even after all these learnings, our life still says the same with the same old problems. Fights keep happening with loved ones, health keeps going down, money seems to be always out of hands in spite of getting salary hikes and promotions. Why does this happen? 

Some of us feel like we have been struggling for years. One issue after the other. It feels as if life is full of problems. Why does life feel the same year after year with no change at all? 

Here are seven reasons why our life does not change for the better.

7 reasons why our life does not transform:

1. Not practicing what we know– Our life’s quality does not depend on how much we know. It depends on how much we practice. Many people wrongly assume that knowing is practicing. There is a lot of difference between knowing and practicing what we know. Only when we practice, we reap the results. Even if you know only ten things, but you practice these ten things in your life, your life will be far better than the life of a person who knows 100 things and practices nothing. 

2. Giving up –People try some new things like yoga or meditation for some days, and after that, they give up and fall back to their old habits. When we give up doing a good thing after just a few days of practice, we don’t gain anything out of it. Our life does not go anywhere. It stays the same. 

3. Trying to do too many new things – Sometimes, people get very motivated and pick up many new habits. They create a new timetable, add many new habits in a day, and try to do everything at one go. When we try to practice too many new teachings at one go, we cannot sustain our journey for a long time. After a point of time, we feel overwhelmed and give up everything. We come back to the square one.

4. Expecting miracles – Some people expect some miracle to happen in life. They think one fine day, their planets will change, or God will grant their desires. So, they never put their efforts into changing their life. We should remember that our life can be changed only by us and no one else can do it for us. Only our efforts can bring transformation. Yes, God will help, but God helps those who help themselves.

5. Trying to change others – Some people keep on trying to change the other person. Their time and energy is spent on changing their spouse or mother in law or children. Their focus is more on others because they think when others change, their life changes. They never understand that other person will not change no matter how much they try. So, their life’s battles are fought in trying to prove the other person wrong. These battles continue forever.

Change your life

6. Repeating mistakes – All of us make mistakes in life, but if we keep making the same mistakes again and again in life, we stay at the same place. Our progress does not happen, and we continue to have the same problems in life. A smart thing will be to learn the lesson from our past mistakes and not repeat them again.

7. Blaming others – Some people keep blaming others for the problems in their life. They blame their parents, spouse, in-laws, children, boss for their problems. They never accept that their life is their hands. They think their happiness and sadness lie in the hands of people around them, and they spend their life in blaming these people.

These are the seven reasons why our life does not transform even after many years. So, how to change our life right now? Here are five steps.

5 steps to change our life right now:

1. Practice one new teaching consistently and make it a part of your life. It does not matter what new teaching you pick up. It can be simple or complex. This new teaching should be important to you. So, pick up anything that appeals to you. Do it every day and make it a part of your life. After a few months, pick up another new teaching and make it a part of your life. In this way, you can build many new habits successfully and change your life.

2. Analyze your past mistakes and see what you can learn from them. Learn whatever needs to be learned from your past mistakes.  Remember these lessons and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

3. Don’t waste your time and energy on changing the other person. The other person will not change, no matter how much you try. So, focus your energy and time on changing yourself rather than trying to change the other person.

4. Don’t give away your power to change your life by blaming others. When you blame others and make them the reason for your happiness or sadness, it is like giving away your power to them. Blaming others makes you feel helpless about your life. It makes you feel like a victim. So, stop blaming others for your failure. Take up the responsibility for your life and start leading your life as you want.

5. Trust in God, but work hard. Don’t expect any miracles to happen in your life without your hard work. You are the creator of your destiny. So, work for your success.

These are the five steps to change your life right now. 

Start making these changes in your life right today. Don’t delay anymore. Don’t wait for a good day or a good time. You have waited long. Today is the day, and now is the moment to change your life

Wish you all the success and peace!

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