20 life lessons from the monk who sold his Ferrari


The phrase ‘monk who sold his Ferrari’ sounds queer because monk and Ferrari look unrelated. How can a monk sell Ferrari? Why would anyone sell Ferrari? And who is this monk? This title evokes various questions. The name of this monk is Julian Mantle, and he is the protagonist of the book “The monk who sold his Ferrari.” This book is authored by Robin Sharma.

This book is a bestseller that sold more than 3 million copies worldwide. Robin Sharma is a successful author of several bestsellers, a motivational speaker and a coach. Julian Mantle is a fictional character in this book.

Julian Mantle is a highly successful lawyer in the US, living a flashy lifestyle. He dated leading models, drove in his red-colored Ferrari, and is a celebrity lawyer. One day, when he was arguing his case in a court, he collapsed with a massive heart attack. He eventually recovered, and this incident made him introspect about his life. He sold his Ferrari and all his belongings. He retired from his lawyer profession. And he journeyed to the Himalayas in search of the truth about life. He was on a quest to find out answers to his questions. There he met a group of wise sages and learned lessons about life.

After his successful mastery of lessons spread over a span of 3 years, he came back to his country and met his friend John. He came back as a healthy, wise, joyful person with a completely new personality radiating peace. This inspires and amazes his friend. 

Julian Mantle reveals the lessons he learned from Himalayan sages to this friend.

So here are 20 life lessons derived from this book.

1. Many people fill their minds with negative thoughts or fears. These are like weeds in a garden. Only let positive thoughts into your mind and ban the negative ones. Guard your mind carefully. Take care not to let weeds of negativity grow in your garden of the mind.

2. Your thoughts shape your life. Quality of life becomes better when you carry meaningful and worthwhile thoughts. If you want peace in life, you need to carry peaceful thoughts. If you want love, you need to carry loving thoughts.

3. Have a clear sense of purpose in life. This lets you use your time and energy productively and not to waste them on unproductive tasks. When you don’t have a purpose, it is easy to waste time and spend it unproductively.

4. On this Earth, each one of us has a mission to complete or dharma. When we honor and live our dharma, we achieve lasting satisfaction and inner harmony. We need to find out our dharma and live this.

5. Have clearly defined goals. Only when you know what you want, you can achieve it. Without knowing what you want, your efforts are wasted, and you don’t even realize if you achieved your goals or not.

6. Any new behavior becomes a habit if it is done for 21 days in a row. So, if you want to make some task your habit, practice it for 21 days without any breaks. Whether it’s yoga practice or meditation or walking, do it for 21 days without any break.

7. Your daily routine should include some time for inner silence. This time calms your mind and allows you to access the creativity within you. This silence guides and inspires you.

Unlock your creativity

8. Keep learning, no matter what your age is. Read inspiring books and books that help you grow and become better. Never stop learning.

9. Reflect on your day. Is there anything that you could have done better? Can you learn something from a situation? Take time to reflect.

10. Rise with the Sun and enjoy the grandeur of Sunrise. Sunrise is one of the most beautiful phenomena to happen on this planet. Don’t miss out on this miracle.

11. Lead a simple life where you focus on your priorities and pursue activities that are meaningful to you.

12. Respect your time. Time mastery is life mastery. When you can master the way you spend your time, you can accomplish a lot more in life, and you become super productive.

13. Live your life to the fullest. Don’t miss the present moment for the past or future. Cherish the beautiful now.

14. Take out 15 minutes before you go to bed and plan out the next day. This helps you in becoming productive and focussed.

15. On Sundays, take out an hour to plan the following week.

16. Say no to activities which you don’t want to engage in. Be ruthless with your time, and don’t waste it in pursuing things that are not important to you.

17. Be kind and compassionate towards others. This improves your own life. Just like the hand which gives flowers to others retains the fragrance of flowers, when you are kind towards others, the fragrance of kindness enriches your soul.

18. Every morning take a moment and think about the good acts you can do. How can you make this world a better place? 

19. Happiness is not the destination. It is the journey itself. So, live in the now and enjoy it. Enjoy the journey of achieving your goals.

20. Practice gratitude on a daily basis and appreciate all the good things you have in your life. Appreciate your health, wealth, relationships, nature, and many more good things in your life.

These are some life lessons Julian Mantle teaches his friend.

Julian Mantle is a lively character who brings life to book. There are many self-help books, but listening to the wisdom from a lively character like Julian Mantle is refreshing. While reading this “The monk who sold his Ferrari.” book, you don’t feel like you are reading a self-help book. You feel like you are reading a beautiful novel. That’s how this book goes. Julian Mantle presents many beautiful concepts like Kaizen, Sumo story, and various rituals. It is an interesting read. If you are looking out for ways to improve your life, this book is a great read.

Wish you and your family the best!

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