10 ways to practice gratitude – A practical guide


When you are dealing with a difficult situation, it can be challenging to see and be positive. This is where being grateful can help. It doesn’t mean that you are grateful for the difficulties, but instead, you are showing gratitude for the positive things that are going good in your life, even if they are small. No matter how bad your circumstances are right now, there are always some things in life that are going smoothly. And situations could be much worse than what they are right now.

Gratitude can help you see your current situation in a way that can lessen the panic and open your thinking to new solutions to your problems. It also makes you happy and feel good about your life. It gives you the strength to face challenges and work on them. Practicing gratitude releases feel-good hormones in your body and improves health. 

There are so many things in our life like running water, electricity, western toilet, internet which were not available to even kings and queens of olden days. But we take such things for granted. Practicing gratitude helps you value and cherish all the things you have in your life. So, practicing gratitude in daily life is quite important and brings several benefits. 

How to practice gratitude? Here are ten ways you can practice gratitude and start living a happier life.

Practice #1

When you wake up in the morning, start your day with gratitude. While you are in your bed, just take a few minutes and feel the joy of being alive. It’s a privilege to be able to have another day in life. So, express your gratitude to divine for blessing you with a brand-new day. Feel happy and grateful for the new start.

Practice #2

Take a moment to notice your day-to-day world from the point of gratitude. When you start looking at things from the point of gratitude, you will be amazed at all the goodness in your life that you have probably been taking for granted. We take clean water, toilet, good food, a bed to sleep, a home to live, a decent job, and many more things for granted. If we don’t have any of these things in our life, our quality of life definitely gets impacted. Notice such little things around you, supporting your life and expressing gratitude for all of them.

Practice #3

Keep a gratitude journal. Maintaining a gratitude journal requires nothing more than taking a few moments during morning and evening and writing down the things you are grateful for. If you are short of time, at least write once in a day. Have a nice, beautiful book for this practice. You can spend a couple of minutes every day and write down your blessings in gratitude journal. Writing about things you are grateful for is therapeutic and helps you relax. It also brings you abundance because when you focus on good, you get more good circumstances in your life.

Practice #4

When you eat or drink something, take a few moments and thank the Universe for the food and water. So much of effort goes behind the scenes to bring the food into our plate. Food nourishes our body and gives us health. It also brings joy and contentment. Our ancestors had to hunt and work hard to get one meal, but today, it is all made easy for us, and food is easily available. Let’s not take our food for granted. So, take a moment and thank the Universe for the gift of food and water.

Practice #5

While you are walking, practice gratitude for all the blessings in your life. You can do this while doing your morning walk or even a casual walk. When you combine gratitude practice with your morning walk, you reap the goodness of both walking and gratitude. This can be a great exercise for your body and mind.

Practice #6

While taking a bath, practice mindfulness, and thank your entire body for being healthy. Express gratitude for your bathing water. Feel grateful for being blessed with good health and strength in life. Say thank you to every organ in your body. Use your bathing time to practice gratitude. This refreshes you beautifully.

Thank you

Practice #7

Money is a great blessing in life. It is wonderful to receive or give or spend money. So, whenever you receive or spend money, practice gratitude. Thank the Universe for taking care of your financial needs and for providing you with the money you need. Thank money for its power. Feel grateful for the prosperity in your life.

Practice #8

For us to have a normal day, we need many services to happen seamlessly. Someone needs to sell us groceries,someone should provide cleaning services and so on. We are connected to many people knowingly or unknowingly. So, practice gratitude whenever someone offers you any kind of service.

Practice #9

At the end of your day, think of all the good things that happened to you during the day and express gratitude. End your day with gratitude. The last thing we think before we sleep enters deep into our subconscious mind and impacts our life. So, ending our day with gratitude is a great way to transform our mindset.

Practice #10

Plan your entire day in the morning and send gratitude in advance for various meetings, events, and work scheduled for the day. Visualize that all the events are going smoothly, and you are so happy. Advance gratitude practice helps in sending positive energies for the day and brings in positive circumstances. This practice also helps in planning your day effectively.

Practice #11

Practice gratitude when you are stuck in traffic jams or in long queues or situations which frustrate you. Instead of going through irritation, just think of all the good things in your life and send gratitude. Doing this in challenging times helps you stay calm and peaceful. It helps you find a solution to your problem. Getting irritated is an unproductive way of spending time as irritation impacts you negatively. Practicing gratitude in such situations is a productive way of utilizing your time.

These are the eleven ways of practicing gratitude. There is no limit to how much gratitude you can practice in your life. We can practice gratitude for every situation. Find your own ways on how you can incorporate this beautiful practice of gratitude into your daily life. Gratitude does not need any extra effort or time. It just needs remembrance and conscious practice. Be creative and use this great power of gratitude in your life. 

The more grateful you are, the more blessings you attract. You attract miraculous situations, coincidences, and great opportunities. More is given to people who are grateful. That’s the law of nature. So, harness this simple yet powerful law and live a happy life.

Wish you peace and happiness!

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