12 reasons why you should travel more

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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” –Saint Augustine

Did you remember the time you took a vacation and went off to a tourist destination? How excited were you to taste new food varieties? What memories did you make and still cherish today? How did you feel about being in this new place? Refreshing and excited. Isn’t it? 

Our world has many countries, many cities, many villages, and so many varied cultures. It’s a big and diverse world out there. Every place has its own fascinating story to tell with its unique climate, unique traditions, and strange languages. Things vary significantly from village to village in the same state. And coming to food – so many varieties of delicious and mouth-watering foods unique and local to the place. 

It feels fun and wonderful to travel to new places and explore the world. Travelling has its own charm. It is one of the greatest gifts of life. Is traveling only for fun, or does it also offer some benefits? Apart from its charming and fun side, traveling also offers us benefits. Below are some benefits.

12 reasons why we should travel more :

1. Expands thinking – When we are exposed to new cultures and new places, our thinking broadens, and we start seeing the big picture of life. We start thinking bigger and broader. We realize our limited ideas and thinking and traveling gives us an opportunity to let go of limitations in our thinking. It helps us become broad-minded and more tolerant of diverse opinions and thoughts.

2. Improves creativity – We are exposed to new ideas and new ways of doing things during traveling. Travelling improves our creativity and gives us a new perspective about the things we are accustomed to. Travelling brings in a lot of newness and variety in our life.

3. Refreshes our mind – In daily routine, sometimes our life becomes monotonous due to its routine nature, and our mind starts feeling bored and tired. Travelling gives a good break to the monotony of daily life and refreshes our mind. It rejuvenates us completely, and our mind gets a fresh start. And when our destination takes us close to nature, traveling not only refreshes our mind but also rejuvenates and refreshes our body, mind, and soul. When nature is part of our Travel, it becomes a sacred and fulfilling experience and brings many wonderful benefits like peace of mind, joy, wonder, relaxation, etc. 

4. Brings happiness – Whenever we are exposed to something new, we feel joyful and happy. The new food we eat, the new experiences, care-free journey, new places, new culture, nature around us – all these make us happy about life and bring us fulfillment and satisfaction. Feeling crappy or sad about life? Take a break and go on a travel.

5. Relieves stress – Modern life is full of stress, and we unknowingly go through stress in daily life. After a period of time, this stress accumulates in our body. The stress accumulated in our daily life gets released during a well-planned trip. We feel truly relaxed and peaceful within. We find time ‘me time’ during Travel, which is rare in a normal routine life. And if our travel plan includes spending a good amount of time in nature, it becomes much more beneficial to our physical, emotional, and mental health. 

Travel relieves stress

6. Helps you understand yourself better – During traveling, life brings us new and challenging situations. Things will not always go as we planned, and sometimes, things might go out of our control. There will be some unknowns and imperfections during our Travel, no matter how well we plan. The way we handle these challenges helps us understand ourselves better. Our strengths and weaknesses are revealed to us during traveling. Traveling is nothing short of a spiritual adventure where we deep dive into ourselves and discover a new self.

7. Creates new relationships – We get to meet new people during our travels. They have many inspiring and heart-warming stories to tell us. We only need to have time and heart to listen to these stories. Travel helps us create new relationships and friendships along our journey.

8. Educational – Travelling teaches us many new things. It’s not easy always to adapt to a new place, and it needs some amount of learning and unlearning. We might need to learn about the culture of the place and behave accordingly, or we might need to learn a new way of eating a certain food. We might need to unlearn some of our habits, which we are used to, for years. Whatever it is, traveling is sure to bring us some good real-life education, which shapes us into a strong human being.

9. Gives a sense of accomplishment – Yes, traveling makes us feel good about our life and gives us a sense of accomplishment. We feel great about our life and feel accomplished when we travel. Traveling helps us see the many blessings we have in our life back at home, which we usually take for granted. 

10. Helps create wonderful memories – Life is all about creating beautiful memories, and traveling is a cool way to create such long-lasting memories. Good memories bring us happiness and joy even after many years of creating them. When we come back home from travel, we are filled with many memories about the place and the entire trip.

11. A spiritual experience – When we travel, we are exposed to new culture and energies of a place which are unique to that place. These energies and interactions can bring a shift and transformation in us. Traveling is an enriching spiritual experience.

12. Makes us feel grateful – When we visit historical places, we understand the journey and struggles of our ancestors. We realize their sacrifices and experience gratitude for the current life gifted to us by our ancestors. Travelling makes us more grateful.

These are some of the benefits of traveling. 

You can travel with your family or friends or even solo. You can travel to a near-by place or a foreign destination. You can travel for a few days or a few months. Each kind of Travel offers a unique experience. Choose any kind of Travel that suits your life but do Travel. Plan your time and money well enough to have at least one family or solo vacation in a year to any place in the world. 

Traveling is fun and liberating. Enjoy this wonderful experience life offers.

Happy traveling!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”– Gustav Flaubert

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