10 life lessons from Coronavirus pandemic


Coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of the world. It is not an exaggeration if we divide our life as Before Coronavirus and After Coronavirus. Such is the impact created by this pandemic. It created uncertainty about life and the future on a global scale. It brought in fear and depression. This pandemic has impacted physical, emotional, mental, financial health negatively across the world. None of us would have imagined a few months back that a day will come when watching a move in a theater or gathering for a wedding is a big deal.

Coronavirus not only changed our lives dramatically, but it also brought us some lessons.

Below are the 10 life lessons this Corona-virus pandemic taught us.

1. Build strong immunity – Before Coronavirus, people survived well even with moderate levels of immunity. Immunity was never so important, like now. This pandemic taught us that having strong immunity is the way to survive. Strong immunity is not a choice anymore. It is a must. So, it is time for us to work on building strong immunity. Below are some tips that can help you build strong immunity

1. Eat nutritious foods like vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

2. Cut down processed foods and food loaded with preservatives.

3. Exercise regularly.

4. De-stress yourself.

5. Meditate.

6. Expose yourself to Sunlight.

7. Spend time in nature.

8.Get 8 hours of quality sleep per day.

9. Add this superfood mix to your curd or milk or water.

2. Learn life skills – Cooking and cleaning are basic life skills. This pandemic taught us that there would be times in our life where we need to survive without maids and cooks for months. So, it is important to learn basic life skills irrespective of gender. These basic life skills will help us at least have some decent food and a neat home in tough times.

3. Have decent savings – This pandemic also taught us the importance of having a decent amount of savings to sustain our lifestyle at least for 3 to 4 months. Living paycheck to paycheck is risky because you never know when your job will be lost or what kind of medical expenses you might need to meet. So, always maintain a savings fund and have a decent amount of savings in your bank. Make it a habit to build savings systematically.

4. Family matters – The lock-down during pandemic limited us to our homes, and the only people with whom we could spend our time is our family members. The strong lesson this pandemic taught is that only our family will be there for us at the end of the day. So, nurture your relationship with your family members and give them due priority. Friends and colleagues are important too, but family comes first, and they matter more than anyone else.

5. Have a hobby – Lock-down closed all places of entertainment like malls and theaters. There is limited new content on TV and YouTube. So, unless a person has a hobby like reading or painting or dancing, etc., it’s tough to stay positive and cheerful in such times. So, take some time and find out about your hobbies. Find out what you love doing and pursue it. This hobby will help you sail through in tough times.


6. Take care of mental health – More than the actual disease- it’s the fear that caused great stress levels in this pandemic. There is fear of catching the disease, fear of losing job, and fear about the future. No one knows if there will be any medicine or vaccine for this disease. In such uncertain times, our mental health gets affected. Even a strong person will go through irritation, fear, depression. So, knowing how to take care of our mental health is very important. Invest in learning tools like meditation, yoga, pranayama, etc. that help you in safeguarding your mental health.

7. Get used to work from home culture – This is one of the biggest changes that Coronavirus brought in. An office environment is different from home. You have colleagues around, comfortable environment, right kind of chair and desk, a well-stocked pantry, etc. in office. A company invests a great amount of money in designing a comfortable workplace for its employees. Now that work from home has become the norm, such comforts of the workplace will be missed at home. So, you need to create a suitable and cheerful environment at home that helps you work from home comfortably.

8. Maintain hygiene – Personal hygiene has never been so important, like current times. Using sanitizers, maintaining social distance, using mask have become need of the day. Coronavirus taught us that personal hygiene is quite important to safeguard our family from the disease.

9. Life is unpredictable – Coronavirus taught us that life is unpredictable. We don’t know what will happen after 6 months or 1 year or 10 years. There are many unanswered questions. We only have the present moment in our hands. If you have any dreams, pursue them right today. If you want to do something, do it right today. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. The present moment is all that we have.

10. Be grateful –Sometimes, we realize the value of things in life only when they are removed. Many of us took our normal life for granted. Coronavirus has taught us the beauty of normal times and helped us understand how grateful we should be in life. It taught us the important role of helpers, doctors, policemen, journalists, malls, theaters, actors, restaurants, etc. in our lives. We are made to understand how dependent we are on each other for our daily life. It taught us that we should be grateful when life goes smoothly and normally.

These are the ten lessons that Coronavirus pandemic taught us.

We all are connected. What happens in China can impact someone living in a small village in India. What happens in the US can impact an Italian town. The world has become a global village, and each of us plays an important role in the world’s well-being. So, let’s start the journey of health, peace and well-being with our self and our family members.

Wish you and your family health and strength!

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