Making Celebrations Memorable!


Special moments of your life, like your  Wedding, Housewarming, Baby showers, Business achievements certainly call for a celebration. These are the moments that we live and strive for. Therefore we do not leave any stone unturned and we give our best to make these days memorable and momentous. 

Be it looking for an event planner or deciding the food menu, the guest list or the decoration, we choose the best. We begin planning for it, days in advance and in some cases we plan months in advance. There is a very exciting and riveting thrill in arranging for these events. It probably feels like a mini adventure by itself. 

In all the thrill and excitement we often overlook a few factors. Today we bring to perspective a few factors that we should consider while hosting events. 

  1. Budget

No matter how much you earn or spend. We all have to ensure that we stick to a given amount. With events, we usually tend to overspend. The primary reason for that could be the pressure to meet societal standards and expectations or simply overlooking the budget in all the excitement and thrill. Both of these reasons could land us in a problem. Please remember that we have a life to live even after the function, we have bills to pay and we should also have enough money to save for any sort of an emergency. Hence, always stick to your budget, you know best how to do it. Hence, for any event ensure that you plan a budget that will keep you comfortable. 

  1. Choosing The Venue 

The best way to choose a venue is to estimate the number of guests and then match it with your budget. However, there are a few things we often tend to overlook. We must see if the venue is decently close enough for most of our guests. We should also ensure that the dining area is big enough to accommodate all our guests. In case we are hosting an event for multiple days, we must ensure that the venue has enough rooms to accommodate everyone. With these parameters in mind, you are sure to choose the right venue. 

  1. The Main Attraction: Food 

This is the main point of attraction in any event. There is a high chance that all the people you invite might not turn up for your event if you do not serve them with some lip-smacking food. Food is everything. Many people recall Marriages and parties recalling how they enjoyed the food. You should present your guests with some good food. However, we see that many parties and marriages waste a huge amount of food. Firstly because they have hundreds of dishes. This is a huge waste, as people can’t have more than a certain amount, even if you keep a lot of varieties. Secondly, we fail to assess the number of people. This also causes wastage. There is a solution for both of these problems. For the first one, decide your menu keeping in mind what your guests will relish and not for show and pomp. Do not compromise on the quality of food, but you can reduce the number of items. For the second issue, always take confirmation from your guests. Once you know the number, you can tell your caterer the approximate headcount to reduce wastage. 

  1. Decor

In many ways, the Decor sets the scale of the event. It can set the tone for the function. It can make the venue look grand or subtle. Honestly, this is totally the choice of the host. It depends on their personal choice as to how they want the place to look, if they want to deck It up with flowers or if they want to decorate it based on a theme and so on. However, we shouldn’t overdo the decoration, as too many cooks can spoil the broth. Keep the decoration simple and vibrant for that to enhance your venue. Over-decoration usually tends to hide the venue. Try to match the decor colours with your own clothes for the day, which can add beauty. Lastly, remember that Decor can also be expensive and so plan it according to your budget. 

  1. Return Gifts 

People always expect a return gift. But, this is again a matter of choice. As a host, one is already burdened with the bills of the venue decoration, food, clothing and so on. Return gift is only going to add to the massive budget. However, if you really wish to give a present, think of something memorable and economical, instead of something expensive and unusable. A nice memorable return gift could be a thank you card with a note. Something that resonates with your guests is the best. 

Conducting an event is a thrilling yet tiresome task. All you have to remember is that you are doing it for yourself and not to please anybody. Enjoy your celebration

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