What are your cues to walk out of a relationship?

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Relationships are the most important part of our lives. We literally share every bit of our life with our significant half. It is important that we are treated with respect and dignity in our relationship. If we feel like we are being mistreated by our partners then we must learn to leave a bond. 

Walking out of a relationship is certainly tough. However, in some cases, it is extremely necessary. One cannot possibly get used to being unhappy and just be in a relationship for the sake of it. This doesn’t mean that we have to walk out of every relationship. There are times we have to walk out if we feel like we have taken enough. 

Your partner is troubling you to an extent that you are unable to take it

Our bonds are meant to give you strength and stability. If you feel humiliated and mistreated to an extent that you cannot work on it any further, you must know that you should walk ahead. As individuals, we have to learn to respect ourselves and if someone is taking advantage of us in the name of love it is simply not cool. If you have children, they too will suffer with you. You might be able to bear the pain, but young children who do not understand anything, often end up getting deeply impacted. 

There is no element of trust 

Trust binds a relationship together, if there is no trust between the two of you then it gets really difficult to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Insecurity at times is understandable. But to not trusting your partner creates a rift in the relationship because trust is the root of every relationship. Trust is extremely important because once you break the thread of trust, it becomes really hard to trust your partner again. Your significant other might forgive you or overlook any incident that might have broken their trust, but the rift created will always be there.  If this trust breaks off and you feel like you cannot handle it anymore, it is time to walk ahead. 

Respect is a must

There is a huge misconception that if a relationship is intimate and close-knit and is tied by love, there is no need for respect. This flawed idea creates so many problems. Respect is not a virtue of the professional world, it is an important element in every relationship66. You have to respect everybody, irrespective of how they are related to you. Be it your husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your maid or your boss, your parents or friends. They all need to be respected. Being informal is beautiful because you feel like the people are your own, but not respecting others is completely unacceptable. In a bond, if you feel like your partner does not respect you and does not make an effort even after you confront them about the same, you know they do not respect you. 

Shared Responsibility 

When you start your life with your better half, life changes. With this change comes multiple responsibilities. Usually, when you start your life, your parents are nearing retirement and are ageing and so a lot of things they used to do are transferred to us. Financial responsibilities, household chores, children and any peculiar responsibilities. All of them have to be shared, if it is you alone taking care of everything then it gets taxing and it will eventually make things difficult for you. Responsibilities have to be shared. There are some genuine unfortunate situations where one of the partners is unwell or has a condition that doesn’t let him/her contribute much. There are also situations where the partner does absolutely nothing and expects their spouse to do it all. Sharing responsibilities is a very important aspect and if you feel like your partner isn’t doing enough then you must confront them and give them ample time to change. If there is still no change, then you must take a call. If you bear with this, you might be setting a wrong example for the younger generations in the house. 

Constant taunts and toxicity 

Change is constant, people change with time. We as individuals change and so do our partners. If we evolve together then the relationship becomes beautiful and blissful. If one person changes to the extent that it bothers the others then it becomes a matter of concern. In intimate relationships, there is no scope for toxicity, extreme anger or taunting and criticizing all the time is not healthy for anyone. If this happens with us outside then we can still choose to ignore the people, but what to do if the person bothering you is around the clock. You should confront them and talk it out and if things still do not change, then change yourself for the good and leave this toxic relationship. 

Here is what you need to know, ALWAYS!
  1. You Matter!
  2. Choosing yourself is not selfish 
  3. Your contribution is valuable 
  4. Compromise is not always the solution
  5. Letting go means letting in the good stuff

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