Understanding Self-love and Its Importance

self love

We often tend to try and find ways to make ourselves happy. But, with the world growing at a rapid pace each minute, a globally affecting virus, and amidst our own constant tussle with life, it gets quite difficult to take out time for our own selves. We get caught up deep in our profession, relationships, education, or various societal and self-driven engagements, that we tend to forget one of the most important aspects of our lives. Our mental well-being.

Unfortunately, for a long time, there was a lack of awareness and understanding of the importance of mental health and its well-being. But it has gotten a lot better, especially over the last few years. Now, one of the biggest aspects towards the betterment of our mental state being is self-love. Let us delve deep and try to understand the idea of self-love and its importance.

Self-love and Its Practices

Self-love, as the name suggests, is giving love, happiness, and compassion to our own self, and doing things that make us feel them. The meaning and the ways may differ from person to person, but essentially the outcome is what matters. And that is, to make ourselves happy and achieve healthy mental well-being.

We can always seek and learn how to practice self-love from various sources around us. There are many different ways in which we may identify or practice self-love.

For example-

  1. Being kind to ourself
  2. Prioritizing ourselves and our mental health
  3. Believing in ourself
  4. Setting healthy boundaries
  5. Giving ourselves timely breaks to rejuvenate
  6. Treating ourselves with the things we like and enjoy
  7. Taking care of ourself
  8. Spending time alone to understand our inner self more
  9. Talking about ourselves with love
  10. Finding joy in little things around us
  11. Self-appreciation
  12. Getting into healthy habits

These are just a few examples. We can always identify and find things and ways that make us feel happy and loved. It can be eating your favorite food, taking walks in a park, or maybe reading a book. The main goal is to understand how we can make ourselves feel better and loved.

Importance Of Self-love

Now that we have a fair understanding of Self-love and how to identify and practice it, we have to understand its importance. The basic idea of life that has been formed as of now is to always move forward. And that’s why we are subconsciously or consciously always thinking about it. But we often tend to forget that everyone moves forward at their own pace and all of us are different in our own ways. Our understanding of the world is different and so is our reaction to it. That’s why it is very important to know and understand that we can’t compare our growth with anyone but our own self. Otherwise, we may end up having huge expectations from ourselves and we might end up setting high goals for ourselves.

 At the same time, we also have to understand that there is no metric way to measure our own growth. Our fulfillment of basic needs, success, efficiency, state of living may determine our growth but true growth can be seen and gauged by the progress we have made in the betterment of our mental health.

Once we understand the progress of our growth, it becomes easy to understand the importance of self-love. We will then be able to make choices that will balance as well as result in better growth and a healthy state of mental well-being. It is very important to know and understand that a lot of patience will be needed as it can be a slow process, depending on our approach. But it is a rewarding journey. By actively taking care of our mental health, we will also be able to take good care of our physical health. And that will keep improving our overall self and make us better in every aspect of life. 

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