The Blissful Experience Of Love


Love is the most valuable feeling that all of us experience, unfortunately many of us experience tears more than smiles. This should never be the case. When we say love, do not think of the last movie you saw, you should be thinking of the last time you felt loved. Furthermore, do not restrain the idea of love to this person with whom you are romantically involved. Love is a feeling that you can experience with your parents, siblings, best friends, mentor/guide, teachers/gurus, cousins and relatives and most importantly with yourself.

The idea that you can love only your partner and children is not what love is about. It is about a very satisfying experience that we experience. When we are in our teens and early youth we feel like the best love is the love we get from our partners, boyfriends/girlfriends. When we progress to get married the definition changes, we prioritize our children. All of this goes to say that love is a supreme feeling within yourself. 

  1. Love yourself and world around will love you 

The pot of expectations is always full. We expect a lot of things from a lot of people. However, are we doing anything for people to fulfill our expectations? Are we fulfilling their expectations from us? There is so much to think about isn’t it? Instead of working out this math, we should start loving ourselves wholeheartedly. We should fall in love with our mind, body and our personality and that will make us happy. When we start personifying happiness, the people that resonate with our energy automatically come close to us and all of this is natural and gratifying.

  1. You can never force love 

We can’t even put the words force and love beside each other, because it is simply not possible to do so. Understand that love is a mutual feeling. If we make it a one-sided relationship, then sooner or later you are bound to get exhausted and you will walk out of it because you will not be able to do that anymore. You know and understand when a person doesn’t love you back and we should never delude ourselves into believing that the other person’s response to your love is the love they have for us. The only response love seeks and deserves is love and nothing else. If somebody you dearly love is not making you feel the same way then understand that you have to walk out of it, so that when the right person walks into your life, you have that kind of love to give. 

  1. Infatuation Vs Love

The literal meaning of infatuation is a “short-lived passion or admiration” for a certain someone. Giving your infatuation the status of love can ruin things for you. More than not, you are likely to look at the same person differently, ones that feeling in you dies. Many people do not understand what infatuation is and commit to relationships. If you do not understand the difference, do not commit to anything. There is always a part of you that knows that something is weird and strange, reflect on these thoughts, talk it out with your friends and then make a decision. Time is too precious to be wasted is something that has no value to your life. However, no experience can be belittled and so we have to learn from our past experiences and enhance our future. 

  1. Failure: Something we never want to experience in love 

We all should hope for a world where everybody experiences the love they long for. However, that does not seem to be the case always. Today, the westernized concept of being in different relationships until you find the right person has gained more popularity among the youth. The old idea of finding your love and getting married is rarely seen. While it seems convenient to be in relationships and then eventually decide, it comes with a set of disadvantages too. Firstly, it gives both the partners the right to walk out without any strain, when they feel like doing so. This happens when one of the two is still madly in love and the other person doesn’t feel the same. This is unfair, but that’s how it is. Secondly, the lack of formal commitment at an earlier stage, gives the freedom to prioritize other things eventually. What two people want from life can be different and at different points in time. There might come a time when career might be a priority for one of them and they wouldn’t mind compromising on their personal life because they are not tied in it. This is not a pessimistic way of looking at relationships or dating, this is the reality. People want different things at different points and they decide to do it mutually or even otherwise. So, this also doesn’t mean that a marriage will guarantee this, but we cannot deny that a formal marriage can make people think twice before giving up on a relationship. Failures in love are unfortunate, but they should never mark the end of experiencing love in your life. Understanding yourself is the key, the more humble and wise you are, the easier it is to make decisions. Do not risk anything if you know it is going to shatter you. 

Love is an eternal feeling of fulfillment and it is felt in a very special way from your better halves and it is felt in numerous other ways from our parents, children and friends. Experience the sweetness of it and appreciate it and life will always keep you loved.

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