Rapport: The Secret to Every Bond

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When a company runs well don’t we all say that “Yes, the boss and the employee have a good rapport”. 

Similarly, when your child praises his math teacher, you tend to believe that your child and your teacher have a very good rapport. 

If you number them out, almost every success has a great rapport behind it. What is this rapport? Why do some have a good one and the others don’t?

A rapport as per Oxford Dictionary means a “friendly relationship in which people understand each other very well.”

This friendly relation by itself is sufficient to make a huge success happen. Maybe we all can have it the right way. The right way has to be adopted.

Some pleasant ways to maintain a positive rapport:

Understanding everybody for what they are:

We always tend to look up to someone or look down upon somebody. We overlook someone’s behaviour or read too much into somebody else’s. This is where the possibility of good rapport reduces. If someone says your writing is good it means that writing is good, that is all. It doesn’t mean that they think of you as William Wordsworth or that they are complimenting you because of who you are. Understand people for what they are, look at things for what it is. You’ll be able to establish a rapport that is so clear and optimistic that it makes anything possible. 

Use the eyes of wisdom and empathy:

Today, it is all about thinking of our emotions, our problems, our children, our boss, our financial crunches so on and so forth. If it is too preachy to think about everybody’s problems, at least we should think of a possibility where others are also going through a series of similar problems. Wisdom is what makes that happen and empathy is what initiates that emotion. Do not think of your friend’s anger as an act of ruthlessness towards you, it could be a financial crunch at home or a child getting on your friend’s nerves. Getting into other people’s shoes is a strong way to establish a good rapport. Imagine you gave a pleasant smile to your boss when he/she irritably spoke to you, the chances are that they’ll get calm and at least forget that irritation for a while. It is small steps like these that are foundational for a good rapport. 

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Taking small steps:

All bonds formed especially the ones outside the family take time. Invest time and energy is building a good rapport. Take minute steps, it could be greeting your boss in the morning or helping your mother-in-law cutting vegetables or asking a friend how they feel that day. These steps are a sign that you’re interested in sharing a genuine relationship with the concerned people. In time you’ll notice that people are responding to you and that is where a good rapport begins. You and your boss might make a huge project happen, you might rekindle an old bond back to life. Believe in the strength of a robust rapport which will bring a massive change in your relationships. 

Do not pretend, be yourself:

We often try really hard to pretend to be somebody we actually aren’t. Do not try to portray yourself with traits that aren’t a part of your personality. A bond formed on this is never going to be fruitful. After all, why do you make friends? To share your happiness, your problems, your emotions and experiences right? Then what is the need to pretend, to portray yourself as somebody you aren’t? 

Remember, any bond made on the thread of lies is going to break in moments and if a bond is built on truth, it is going to last a lifetime. A rapport should also be formed on the basis of trust and genuineness. 

Match your attributes:

Having a good rapport with somebody is a matter of choice. While it is suggested to maintain a uniform approach towards all. It is not suggested to hope for developing relationships with people that don’t resonate with your energy. We have to understand that every human personality is as unique as their individual DNA. Hence, one might not vibe with a person of a certain kind because energies don’t match. See what is common between the two of you, what makes this bond an experience you both will cherish. Look out for them and then you will soon know who deserves your time and effort. 

Rapport building is many times natural. At times situations lead you to beautiful relationships. Instincts, impulses and emotions guide your way. This doesn’t mean that efforts aren’t required. If making a bond was easy then maintaining that relationship could be a challenge. Identify thoroughly every aspect of your bond and your rapport is going to be the best and will give you reasons to laugh and live.  

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