Parenthood: Journey and beyond

dad carrying his child

Parenthood is a symbol of responsibility and duty. From the day your first child is born, a parental instinct in you, takes birth. Parents are those saviours that stay by you through thick and thin and experience you have from your parents has a major role on how you behave and raise your own children. In the days of modernization and technological revolution, the role of parenthood has multiplied manifold, children spend more time in school, tuition and with their friends. The limited time that the child has with the parent should be put to judicious use. Hence, as parents, we must always be alert with every act of the child, be it good or bad and should be able to read the child like an open book, even at times where they do not express anything clearly. 

Parenthood as a topic has been often spoken about by psychologists and philosophers, it has been written about by several great writers, and has been depicted in cinema and popular media. So the idea of parenthood is natural and is out there and still there is a strong need for representation of this concept and learning, why is it so? It is only because parenthood is extremely dynamic and with the changing times the ways and means of being a parent has to change. One has to update themselves to keep their child away from the dark and in order to do so the parent should be aware of the good and bad from time to time, stage after stage. 

There’s always a blame that parents face. If the child is too needy, the parents are blamed for pampering the child too much and if the child is too rough and tough, the parents are blamed for not being gentle in their upbringing, if the child is too independent, the parents are blamed for letting the child be by themselves. No, what is right and what is wrong here? Is it wrong if the child needs you, is it wrong if the child is rough and tough to stand against what’s harmful or is it wrong that the child is taking decisions independently? The answer is NO. None of these things are wrong and so what we have to be careful as parents is to understand that we should never, ever, take advice from anybody else. Parenthood is as unique as your DNA, you know your child more than they do and just like some other child’’s clothes will not fit your son or daughter, their parenting style too wouldn’t. Yes too much of everything is bad and so too much pampering, scolding or freedom can lead to negative consequences. Hence, under the sensitivity of your child’s age, their thought process and abilities and you know what to do when and how, Yes, you are a pro at it.

What you shouldn’t do or you should be careful about when it comes to parenting is to bring your own ego in between you and your child. The pathway between you and your chill should be as clear as water for your child to visit and for you to understand and love your child. If you let your ego come in the way, it will strain your relationship. Another thing parents often are known to do is compare their children, if you have two or more children, never compare them to each other, each child of yours is going to possess unique qualities and it is highly likely that if one child is good with studies, the other will be good with sports the third might be great with arts. Hence, instead of putting all of them on the same scale, recognize each child for his/her unique quality and fuel that ability and that will make all your children successful. Many parents, out of sheer love and affection do not ever stop doing things for their child, like many parents fold their child’s clothes, polish their shoes, pack their bags, fill their water bottles, instead after a certain stage your child should be able to do all this by themselves and this will happen only if you let them start. These are life skills and every child needs to learn it efficiently and so one must ensure that their child is trained in these basic skills. Infact, you can teach them a little more like watering plants and helping you with some basic household chores and so on.

When times come, let them fly. At the end of the day, the love parents and the child share is purest and pious, nothing can ever change that. But the law of the planet is such that one has to learn to live independently and so every bird should learn to fly at a distance, away from the nest in which the bird was born. When times comes, you have to trust your upbringing, your love and respect for the child and let your child fly in happiness and success and live the life to the fullest and you know your love will eternally shield the child forever. 

Happy Parenting!

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