Old age and Care

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India has seen new generations of people with new ideas and concepts originating along with them. Over the past 30-40 years or so, slowly and gradually a lot of people from India have been shifting to foreign countries mostly for economic purposes. Today, the successful end of a typical Indian middle class dream is a Job in a first world country. However, what about the parents who are left behind, how do we provide them care? Can money buy care? Is economic happiness all that they need? Why do not all parents settle with their children in other countries? If they stay back, is an old age home a viable option? This article will tap on each of these issues and more and will try to understand old age and responsibility in the lines of care and health concerns with an economic picture in perspective. 

Old age is never easy, one has to have a lot of wisdom and luck to face it happily without feeling uncomfortable. Today the economic differences between two generations are a lot more due to the financial responsibilities and there is a dynamic shift in how old age is seen and perceived today. 

Here are a few points we should always consider when we make decisions for our olders, to avoid issues, if any.

  • We will get there too

Always remember that you will also get there someday and so you should always remember that the decisions you take will be taken for you someday. Understanding the sensibilities of your elders is of utmost importance followed by adequate care for their health and well being. Any decision we take must take into consideration, what they want and we should as their children facilitate their living in such a way that they enjoy their ripe old age in the comfort and love they truly deserve.

  • Old age homes and other facilities 

Old age homes are like hostels for elderly people who for some reason cannot be taken care off by their children or they voluntarily want to shift because they might feel bored in their lives with their children and grandchildren being busy in their own lives and hence the older people might find good company of other people at the old age home, which keeps them happy and gives the warmth and friendliness they seek. Hence, whether elders want to shift to an old age home or not should be a choice they should make. Elders shouldn’t feel compelled to go because of the ignorance of children. In certain inevitable circumstances where the children are genuinely staying away for some unavoidable reason, an old age home is a good relief for them. Further, we have to realize that sending elders to an old-age home in no way means that the children should break ties with them. Children should visit their parents as often as possible and even bring them home. The bond should exist. For instance, in so many nuclear families parents and children stay in different homes. In such cases, it is good if the parents get the right care and their needs are taken care of in the old age home.

However, taking care of your parents is an opportunity for you to give them the care and concern they have bestowed upon you since the day you got here. 

  • The toughness of old age

Most of us will get it only when we get there. However, we must give it our all to understand that stage in the life of our elders. Imagine the day your hair is not going to look the same, your body is not going to be half as energetic as it is today, your teeth are going to fall off, your sight is going to weaken, your hands are going to tremble with simple activities. In a physical state like this, you can well imagine how they would be feeling mentally. In such a state, all they require is your time and care. Let us all understand that old age is really tough and painful and it is only the care of love of the child that makes the parent smile with wrinkles, run with the walking stick and dance in happiness

Having old people in the house is a sign of wisdom and goodwill. We must understand that the elders aren’t able to do anything today because they have done enough and more. Their irritation and anger is only because of the imbalances in their body and the medication they take. They are like children, if you argue with them, you end up hurting them in the winter of their life. Hence, try to create merry memories for them. Serve them and the same goodwill shall benefit you when you reach that stage in your life. 

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