Motherhood, the choices and challenges


In India, motherhood equates godhood. In a country with so many goddesses, motherhood is an achievement for every mother. For her, it is one of the duties of her life that she has fulfilled by contributing to procreation and nature at large. 

There are many social issues related with motherhood, with women also working hand-in-hand with men from the late 20th century onwards. Dimensions have changed, the social definition of how people conduct themselves have also changed. Men can also be house husbands today, women can be the only earning member of the family. While, these are still rare. The most burning issue of the time is how a woman’s life is changed post pregnancy and delivery. 

The social judgement on how well she does her responsibility as a mother and how she earns her income for the house. Overall, there are many layered discussions in this area. 

Below are few tips for a woman to take their decisions 

Do not be bothered by external opinions

The opinions that matter are the ones you get from your husband, your siblings, parents and your in-laws. However, you’re free to take your decision. Always see your personal priority. Do not be affected or influenced by opinions that others give, even if they give from their personal experience, understand that the situations they have been through is not necessarily the situation you are going through. Your decision is yours to make.

Keep your options open

If you do go wrong in a decision you have taken, do not worry, you can always change it. Do not be scared of judgement and stitch to it. At the end of the day you are the one to bear it all on your shoulders. Hence, do not think twice before changing your decision for the better.

Used to work before, thinking of what to do now

Weirdly enough this question is always something a woman faces. This is a completely personal choice. In families where women can afford not to work they stay home and take care of their child. However, if money is a concern then you have all the more reason to work because you have another young life who is completely dependent on you.

Do you miss out on time?

Yes today situations are such that people do miss out on time with their child. But there is always a midway to work out, you have maternity leave, you have work from home, you have the option to work part time, you have the support of other family members. Therefore, if you want you can strike the right balance. Be optimistic of the same.

Make the right decision

Your decision should benefit you and your child equally. Afterall we are all here to make things work out right. Do not overemphasize, instead prioritize on the right thing. It could be possible that many might not support you initially, but the ones that care will sooner or later understand. 

Think wise

Workout every possible situation of every possible outcome mentally. This will reduce the chances of you getting wrong. Respect your inner thoughts, let your small desires of spending time with your child be fulfilled. Your approach should be overall, not limited.

Focus on your health

As your mind and body go through drastic changes, you have to give them the kind of attention they seek. You have to keep both your mind and body healthy and happy in order to carry out all the duties that are bestowed upon you. If anything goes wrong that every body dependent on you will suffer equally.

Take every step carefully

Your decisions impact everybody around therefore you have to keep in mind that whatever you do is in consonance with yourself and your primary dependents. It is when you adopt such an approach that you benefit the most from your decisions. 

Motherhood is your new birthday. You are as new to the world of motherhood as the child is. So, being hard on yourself is going to bother you. Therefore, be calm, do not overthink and do what is good for you irrespective of what strangers have to say.

Society has laid innumerable challenges on this role, which is causing the birth of misconceptions that help propagate wrong thought and practice. We should stand for what is right and people of all genders should respect the right idea and help people practice and make them aware of the same.

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