Lessons to learn from a mother


Mother’s day is around the corner and let us look at what we can earn from a mother and use that knowledge, those virtues, and values in every phase of our life, be it personal or professional. There is a storehouse of knowledge that a mother can have about everything. This knowledge is not the knowledge we get from the books in the library, instead, these are life lessons from their experiences that can prove extremely fruitful in enhancing our lives and will save us from difficult and challenging situations in life. 

So, here it goes, let’s delve into the virtues, values, and lessons we can take from a mother. 

a. Courage: Well, it is probably thought that courage is for warriors and soldiers who fight for their land in the borders. Have you seen a mother fight for her child? Well, she might not use war weapons but her powerful words are enough to teach people a lesson and it is she who proves that courage comes from mental strength, personality, and robust character, not from physical strength. Hence, courage is a virtue we must learn from every mother. When a child walks into the middle of the road, it is the mother who runs behind to save the child, not the bystanders. She doesn’t care about her life or what might happen to her, she is solely concerned about the child’s well-being. This a true personification of bravery. 

b. Wisdom: Wisdom usually comes with age and experience. But, for a mother, it comes from her motherhood. We often tend to not take our mother’s suggestions and advice thinking that they belong to a different generation or that they might not understand the problem. You must know that she has known life more than you have, she has seen it more than you have and therefore she is the boss no matter what and you know that for some of the lowest moments in your life it is her wisdom which brought you back to force. Her wisdom and advice are most precious and have to be taken and understood to the fullest. She is indeed the epitome of wisdom and love.

C. Unconditional Love: From your first job to your marriage agreement, from your house purchase to all the other things you pursue in your life. Everything is a condition or comes with a set of conditions. Even the best or the most appealing things in life have a small asterisk sign which says terms and conditions apply. It is only your mother who cooks you a meal at night even though you argued in the morning. It is only your mother who can help you out even when she is in deep pain. That is what is unconditional love. To be understanding and emphatic without any conditions, she loves you even in your worst and in your best. Is there anybody else in the world like that? We should learn to love others without conditions, have empathy towards people weaker than us, and do our best to make them feel good. A mother is the best example for us to follow.

d. Responsibility and dutifulness: Devotion towards her duties as a mother is remarkable. We have to learn this from a mother. Be it paying the fees of the child at school or making lunch, be it attending to homework or attending to the child’s bad health. She is always there, willing to leave everything and come to her child at the time of need. This is done not with sympathy or pity but with devotion and a sense of responsibility. Imagine how it would be if all of us showed the same level of devotion towards our work. Our lives would be valuable in making everybody’s lives and our own lives productive, meaningful, and fruitful. Let’s learn this now?

e. Finding joy in others’ happiness: For us, happiness is what makes us happy. For mothers, every small milestone we achieve makes them fly in the spirit of joy. Be it your prize in recitation or your gold medal in college, the start given to you by the teacher, or the first cup of coffee you make, it’s all a party for her. She enjoys every bit as if it is her experiencing it for herself. This is the joy we must feel for others when they attain their milestones. Feeling happy for others is the purest and the most divine and humble virtue. Learning this from our mothers can make this world free of negative emotions and make it a better place to live. 

These were the five lessons we can learn from our mothers. Let’s value them, treasure them and learn from them forever. They are your mothers, they have the solution for any and every problem in your life, be it small or big. 

Let’s remember to show our gratitude to them and celebrate every day like mother’s day. The happiness in her face should ever be sparkling and show us our path. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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