Learning to Love from a Guide/Teacher/Guru

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Every relationship in this world is tied by a thread. This thread defines the strength of your bond and it is this very thread that has to sustain the test of time. Time brings with it difficulties, challenges and victories that this thread has to bear. In all of this the best virtue that will verily hold the bond is pure love. Love that doesn’t come with conditions, love that has no parameters. 

The love you will get from a guru or teacher is unconditional and solely has your good welfare as the intent. Your progress is assured and you are asked to get over your limitations and fears. This is what is expected from everybody in a good and healthy relationship. The closer you are, the stronger you are expected to be.

Below are seven virtues you have to learn from a teacher or a guide to make your bonds stronger. 

  1. Learn to love beyond measures 

Love is unconditional. You should never measure it. It is not an equation, it is a divine bond tied beyond explanation. So, do everything without expecting anything in return and you will get things beyond your expectations. Mathematics has no space in a happy relationship… 

  1. Learn to love from a distance 

Teachers or gurus do not necessarily communicate every action of theirs, but their actions are meant to benefit you. We need to do this at times with our loved ones. People are not always willing to take tips from the people they care for and so we need to do things silently and indirectly. This works wonders, sometimes we need to keep this distance for things to work out. 

  1. Right response to situations

In intimate relationships, we have to learn to react rightfully. In times of happiness, you have to encourage and initiate balance. Because commitments made blindly to success can cost a lot, later. In times of sorrow, we have to give them reassurance and comfort them with a huge smile. Teachers or gurus do that, they know when to encourage children and when to show their compassion and empathy. 

  1. Tips are given only when asked 

A tip given without being asked, will not be valued, even if it is for a loved one. Gurus back in the day, would encourage people to think by themselves and ask questions only when in doubt. So, let the other person ask you and only then should you tip. This is not an act of egoism, instead it is only to ensure that a tip from a loved one is understood, accepted and respected. 

  1. Ego is the wall of difference 

You are one with all the people in your life. Meaning, you are very close and have a bond of oneness with the people in your life. If you bring ego in between, it will act as a two edged sword, it will bother you and the other person. You are bringing a sense of indifference and hence never bring it in. Do our teachers bring ego while teaching, no, right? They forget everything and bend as low as they can to do the best for their children

  1. Know when to step down

This is the toughest thing to do. The closer they are, the harder it is. So, there are situations where our spouses, family members or friends make a decision that we personally feel is wrong. In such situations we have to communicate with them and tell them that we feel it is wrong and politely warn them. If we fail to do so, we must think of ourselves as selfish. Gurus warn their best disciples, even if they are kings. Later, even if they go ahead with it and fail, we must support them without making them feel guilty. 

  1. Liberal thought 

Teachers never tell us that we have to become engineers or doctors or painters. They teach us with compassion to become good human beings and individuals who are strong enough to make their own sound decisions. There exists a sense of liberalism within them which is brilliant. Our loved ones should feel free in our presence, they should not feel suffocated and stuck with us. They should not feel like they cannot share something with us. We have to let them free and let them do things as they please. Their freedom is important because only then will they be able to flourish and bloom.

These are the 7 lessons we have to learn from our Gurus and Teachers to establish a  beautiful relationship with all the valued people in our life.

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