How to keep the child within us alive

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We often hear this, don’t we? Phrases like keep the child in your heart alive or let the child in you be happy and so on. There are multiple ways in which this phrase is often used for a bunch of situations, however have we ever tried to analyze why these phrases are used to often and what exactly is the positive meaning associated with reference to this particular thought of being like a child, let us analyze those significant points that we can learn from a child and that which can bring a difference in our lives and possible even transform certain aspects of our life. 


The first lesson to learn from any child would be the irresistible curiosity children have about everything and anything around them. Children are naturally curious about things, they ask things like why the sky is blue or why is there a signal on the road and so many such questions which might sound to others, but for the child it is the way to learn and get answers for the millions of questions they have. This also fuels their imaginative power, they imagine beautifully because they have nothing going on in their heads, they are free of worry and so all the energy is used in getting answers and living thoroughly in the moment. This is the first lesson we must learn from every child. As we grow up, somewhere we tend to not be very curious about things that are happening around us and so we become dim and boring, we should not let that happen to us and focus on having the constant curiosity to learn for that will keep you excited and happy. 

Living in the moment 

Life has become about the regrets of the past and worries about the future, why can’t it be about the pleasures of the present? Life has so much to offer you today. As humans, we should have the wisdom to embrace the good it has to offer us. Yes, there lies a future ahead but the secret to a happy future is living a fulfilled present not running the present with worry. Children do not care about what happens the next moment, they enjoy their life playing with the toys they have, having the food they love and getting thrilled and excited with every small and big occurrence. The child will display the same amount of happiness when you give chocolate and when you present a big gift because for the child anything new is a source of happiness. Hence, we have to learn to live in the moment, free of any thought of the future, free of insecurities and free of unprecedented anxiety, because that is simply the way to be. 

Listening to elders/guides/well-wishers

This is a trait we completely tend to forget when we grow up in our lives. It is very good to rely on our conscience, but in life there are times where it is good to take the suggestion and advice of the wise people in our life. As children we trust our parents and it always does good to us, but as we grow up we tend to rely upon our own intelligence and begin to undervalue what our elders have to say. Let us remember that our elders have been through the same path and hence their advice is extremely valuable and it can bring in a world of difference. This by no way means to not have a mind of your own, it only means that there are times when you have to keep your ego aside and listen to people for your own good and children are the best inspiration for the same. 

Using our energy to the fullest and having no regrets 

Can you recall a day where you were so fulfilled with all the work you did and so you could sleep in peace and enjoy the rest? Yes, right? Children experience this everyday, they run around play, eat and use every ounce of their energy, spending their time happily and then sleep at peace. We should also realize that every day is an opportunity, it doesn’t matter how late or early you are, it is however, important for you to enjoy this journey of life and lead in peace and joy. 


When life begins for us, we are blessed with all, we are free of insecurities and duties and hence it gives children the freedom to thrive in their innocent glory. However, our experiences, the circumstances in which we are born into, in a way determine our personality, however we have to make an effort to learn from our childhood and see how every child is and enjoy the pleasures of life. Living every moment joyfully is the essence of life and if we don’t do that then what is the point and the only way to be joyful is to keep your mind game strong, a strong mind is a joyful mind and a happy heart is going to bring smiles around everywhere. Let us live this life to the fullest, let us forget insecurities and problems and focus on the positives of life. Let us not be afraid of challenges and face them with courage and balance. Children are the biggest source of happiness and learning, in the end it is all about doing the right things and living every moment fulfilling our duties blissfully. 

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