How to determine the SELF


As many say, the world around us is an illusion and in reality it is just about what happens in your head or rather what happens in our inside. The way in which we perceive the things around us is responsible for how we feel from within. While there is absolutely no control of what is happening or what is going to happen around us, we do however have the ability control every bit of our inside, because that is where we truly live and feel the things we feel, happiness, sorrow, joy, sadness, excitement, bliss, anger and many other emotions. The way we act or react in every situation will likely govern the way in which we are to be in the near future. 

Our mind and our thoughts are way stronger than we can think, every wavering thought to every strong thought manifests itself in some or the other way. When we realize this, we will automatically be conscious of what we think and therefore what we do. Now, we have come this far in life, when we look back, what really matters is the outcome of your actions in the past. Now, if our actions are not performed with a predetermined outcome, what fruit will it bear? It will do no good, every action of yours has a reaction and so we should perform it with a goal to enhance our life and realise the goal of life. 

The goal of life is something extremely subjective to each one of us. For some it could be getting rid of the financial problems in life and settling in a good job, for some it could be travel as much as they can and for some it could be surrendering to the lord and serving the lord and for some it could also be to just get along with life and live and experience all that it offers you, it is indeed a very subjective experience. But we must remember that at the end of it all, the self is what matters and that is what makes your surroundings comfortable and keeps people around you happy too. 

Thinking about the self should not be confused with selfishness. You are selfish when you think about yourself without taking into consideration what is happening around. You are selfish when you do something that does good only to you and not others. On the other hand, focusing on the self means looking inward and consciously performing every action in such a way that you are completely satisfied with it and the happiness it gives you makes everybody around you joyous and blissful. When you look into the self, you are naturally taking into consideration the welfare of the people that matter to you. Further, this will also give you the wisdom that you can happily share with others for them to get rid of their issues. 

The self is beautiful and lives to the fullest, all you have to do is realise the self, let it free and then every moment of your life is pure bliss. No problem will come too close to you, nor will anybody be able to determine your mood, you will always be happy and ever ready to face life in its true beauty. Don’t worry about family, friends and work, all of it is taken care off and is naturally good, when your self is sorted. It is peace and bliss in its true form. 

When you are thriving in your true self, then the right energies get attracted to you and then it’s all great. This is the meaning of stop worrying and start living. Every passing moment has so much to offer you, keep your arms open and embrace it to the fullest and focus on what good you do for others because that makes its way back to you.

There is a very small difference between you taking care of the self and not caring about what others have to say. Here the others are the people that govern your life, your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, children, sister or brother or friends. The welfare of these people should matter to you. But if you find the presence of any of these people toxic or negative then you know you have to smile and walk past, because the self is important and this is not selfish at all. 

So, let’s pledge to protect the self and live a life that we deserve, free of worry and full of life. Doesn’t matter at what stage of life you are, just make this change and the universe will take care of the rest, Enjoy every moment in bliss. Remember every moment brings an opportunity to change and when you change your perspective, the world around you changes because that is exactly how magic works.

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