How to deal with Financial loss

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Loss is true of life. As humans, we have to accept that with every gain there is some loss. Loss can be financial, emotional or of any given nature. We have to learn to accept it and live with it. Nobody wants to think about or hear about loss, everybody wants only profit, gain and more and more of everything. Ask a person to give up on something he/she will think 1000 times. Give them something for free, he/she will accept it at that very moment. This is true of so many people. What does this tell us about us? It only shows the greed that we have within us and so it is the greed and unprecedented desire that makes loss more painful. 

As humans, not everyone is here to become a monk here, and so it would be unrealistic to say that we all have to be desireless at this very stage. But we all can certainly let go of our greed. It is greed that drives us to take unrealistic decisions, greed blinds a person into thinking that what they are doing is ultimate and it is greed that increases the pain of incurring a certain loss. 

Financial loss

The loss that is known to have broken families, friendships and even intimate relationships of brotherhood and sisterhood is this very financial loss. People do not want to be around anybody who incurs a financial loss, they will automatically distance themselves from failure. If you don’t believe it, try this experiment: Pen down a message which states that due to some unexpected circumstances, you are incurring a loss and so you would need people to give you a sum of Rs 25000 for you to sail through this problem. Also, assure them that when you get the money back you will surely give them the sum back. Now, be mindful that you send it to your closest friends and cousins. You will see that more than half of them would either not respond and will avoid keeping further contact and the rest that might respond will ensure that this is the last time they help. If you still have people left to help, you must consider yourself lucky. But, that’s the reality we all live in, everyone is a friend as long as you ask for help. 

Financial loss is such, it makes it difficult for you to survive. The only way we can come out of this would be to find out financiers who could bring you out of it or by selling assets that will provide you the breathing space to hit back with better financial prospects. 

To not fall into the pit of financial problems, you must understand that your decisions should be made on the basis of sound investigation and financial advice, not on greed and baseless theories. We live in a hyper-smart world, one second you look away and your mansion will fall down. This does not mean to say that you cannot take risks, taking calculated risks is the virtue of a successful person. Take the right guidance and practice being mentally alert to make the right decisions in the future. 

Here is a list of tips in order to take the right financial decisions

  1. Always maintain a log for your finances.
  2. Learn to trust the right people, however stay alert always.
  3. Your approach towards finance should be wise and futuristic. 
  4. Money has to grow rightfully and so you have to keep in touch with financial advisors to ensure that your money is growing. 
  5. Do not be driven by greed when it comes to money decisions.
  6. Planning is the key to long term success, plan every move of yours and it will reduce the chances of risks. 
  7. Keep your private and professional relationships separate. Involving money in personal relationships can lead to terrible circumstances
  8. Back up plans are always a must, always plan for your hay day. Every penny will matter. 
  9. On a philosophical level, try doing good for others, it will come back to you in ways you wouldn’t expect.


Money is a very tricky business, save and it’ll help you. If you are constantly running behind it, it will never become yours ever. Learn to be content with what you have, what is meant to be yours will surely be yours, it will reach you surely. Invest time working hard and live now in full zest and have no regrets for the future. For we came without anything and will leave without anything, what we take is the good and bad we did not the money we earned. 

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