How to choose the right friends?



Friendship is one of the best relationships we can have with another person. In many ways, it is also the beginning of our sense of taking decisions independently. Your parents can admit you into a school, but it is you who makes the decision to make the right friends. The sense of warmth and comfort we get in the company of friends is something that can never be replaced. Hence yes we have to value our friends and the bond we have with them because these bonds are made with no hidden intent, it is the fondness that people have for each other that unites them and gives them happiness which is very unique and pure. 

How to choose the right friends?

Friendship is a mix of sweet and sour and so essentially you should be friends with somebody who can accept you for your goodness and limitations and vice-e-versa. A lot of choosing happens naturally, you are naturally inclined to the people you like for what they are and so you naturally feel like doing things for them, sharing your experiences and emotions with them and so on. However, there are five parameters here for you to choose the right friends!

  1. You are extremely comfortable and can share everything 

This is an important parameter. There are possibly a bunch of people whom you know outside your home and family but not all of them give you that vibe, warmth and comfort. Some make you feel secure and safe and you are able to trust them. Such people are fit to be your friends, for they will not break your trust and you will find a person with whom you can share your highs and lows, with whom you feel comfortable and you know that they will be there for you no matter what. 

  1. They are there for you when you need 

You will have to figure this out on smaller occasions. In the sense that if people are there for you for your smaller issues then they are surely going to be there for you when you need them the most. Because we all know that a “A Friend in need is a friend indeed” when they are there when you need them the most, you know that you have trusted the right people and you too should be there for them when they need you. 

  1. You respect each other

Respect is important in any bond. If someone takes you for granted, you will not be comfortable with it for longer. Hence understand that you need to respect your friends and get respect from them. This does not mean that your friendship is formal. Have all the fun you want, say all that you feel like, but when you figure that your friend is not comfortable with it, then ensure that you do the needful. Respect is as important in friendship, as it is in any other relationship. 

  1. Their presence and absence makes a difference 

Friendship is really special and when you know your tribe, you start to feel at ease around them and even miss them if they aren’t around for a longer time. When their influence on your life is strong and you tend to think of them for every good and bad occasion in your lives then they truly are your friends and you should do your best to ensure that the bond lasts a lifetime. 

While it is important to have friends, it is also important we recognize the people that take advantage of this bond and make you feel uncomfortable. We should ensure that we do not let this happen to us.

Hence, here is a list of points that you should be aware of, to ensure that you do not have the wrong people call themselves your friends

  1. They use you and are rarely thankful 

These people are there with you for the things you do for them and not for who you are. This simply means that they have reduced your worth to what you do for them, is it fair to be in a friendship of that sort? No, right? You should value your self-respect and walk out of a friendship of this sort as early as possible. 

  1. They are constantly bothering you with their actions

There are many people who are nice with you and probably even care for you, but constantly keep taunting or irritating you in a way that you are bothered by it. In such cases, you are supposed to tell them and if they still do not stop after multiple warnings then you should stop talking to them. Just cut them off because we cannot tackle a bond that bothers us in a way that our entire life is impacted. You will get in touch with good people who genuinely care, so just do the right things and wait with patience and get rid of negative bonds. 

  1. If they are friends as they wish 

Some people are really nice to you, but they express their affection when they wish and are suddenly not around you or there for you, for no significant reason. So, you find it difficult to trust them, you do not know when they’d turn up and when they wouldn’t, it is an uncertain situation. In these cases, it is very hard to give up on friendships, however if you are fed up, you must take the right step. 

Friendship is a really beautiful bond, it is a relationship we invest in for a lifetime. It goes beyond all formal relations and can create a beautiful support system for you. Invest your time in the right people and all of it will come back to you in ways you would not imagine.

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