Happy Women’s Day

women day

Women are the very essence of humanity, nature personified. They are the very origin of life. The role that a woman plays in each of our lives in the form of mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, a friend is inexplicable and invaluable. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, do not forget to thank the women in your life for their contribution. In these changing times, the role of women has become more complicated and difficult. They earn the bread for the house and serve it too. 

The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is Gender Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow. This means that we ensure equality in gender to ensure a sustainable future free of discrimination.  This is the need of the hour and all of us together as responsible citizens can ensure that women are given what they rightly deserve. 

Here’s how you can ensure equality at home and at work 

  • Splitting domestic duties

For a long time, our mothers and grandmothers have taken care of the kitchen and other household chores. Now, since women also work outside their homes, we could ensure that household duties are equally distributed. We can ensure that our husbands, brothers and sons distribute the work so that the entire burden is not upon us. Maybe they could help in cutting vegetables or cleaning utensils, washing clothes or helping the children. This will ensure that women also get the rest they need after working at the office. This will surely bring in gender balance in the house. 

  • Equality At Work 

There are numerous ways in which we can ensure that women get equal representation at work. Heads of various MNCs and other corporations can ensure that women get adequate representation. Company laws can ensure that no woman is discriminated against because of her gender. This way we can ensure that women get what they deserve at work. We can also build feeding rooms for women with toddlers so that they can use them when in need. We could also keep free sanitary napkins in the lady’s toilets. This way we can make places of work more women-friendly and welcoming. 

On the occasion of women’s day, it goes without saying that you have got to make the women in your life feel special. Here are 5 ways to do that. 

  1. A thoughtful gift

You surely know the women in your life. Just think about their likes and dislikes and buy them something that will melt their hearts. It could be a dress they have wanted to buy or a trip they wanted to make. It can also be a memorable gift or it could be a special dinner at home. It could be anything, but ensure that you give them a gift they’d cherish and always remember you for. 

  1. Express your feelings 

People love it when you express your innermost thoughts of praise and appreciation. It could mean the world to them. Think of all the moments you have wanted to thank them. Feelings of gratitude are always appreciated. Thank them for every precious moment that you have shared with them. If you feel like you might not be able to express it verbally then you can choose to pen it down in a letter. 

  1. Take over her duties for the day

A day free of any work is a gift by itself. Right from the first coffee of the day, till dinner at night, you can take up all the work that she does on a day to day basis and pamper her. This is just to make her feel special and loved. Cook some food that the women in your family like and pamper them. 

  1. Celebration at workplace

At work, a small event can be organised. This could be a set of games or entertaining events like music and dance. All the men in the office can organise this small event to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

  1.  Women Get-Together 

All friends can get together today and spend a day celebrating the idea of womanhood. This could be a lunch or a day out in a resort where all of them can spend time rejuvenating in each other’s company. 

Women’s day is all about celebrating the idea of womanhood. For all the women out there, remember it is your day, be at your best and celebrate the essence of this beautiful day. 

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