Happy Valentine’s Day: Let’s Celebrate Love Today and Everyday

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Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s day is a day to cherish the love we have for other people in our love. Starting from our parents, our spouses, our partners, children, friends and more. Love is a truly ecstatic feeling and today we remind ourselves of how thankful and blessed we are to have people who love us and care for us. 

There are many stories behind this day, most of them being associated with Saint Valentine. Over the years it has gained cultural and social significance in the Indian subcontinent as well. 

The mood of the day is just lit. Places across cities are decorated in red. Roses depict love. The rush of this day is felt more zealously by teenagers and youth as many might choose this day to express their love to their crushes. Married people and elders have a more broader take where they understand the love they have for each other and cherish it with wisdom. 

However, irrespective of whether you are single or you are dating, married or unmarried, old or young we have some riveting tips for you to celebrate this day in full zest. 

  1. It is a reminder to love yourself

Spiritual philosophers and teachers say that there is god within us who is the incarnation of pure love. Which means that we all are embodiments of love, let us remind ourselves of that today. Look into the mirror and look at yourself from top and toe and give a beautiful smile. You are what you are meant to be and you are great at it. Fall in love with yourself today, all over again. Some things you could do to make yourself feel like this would be to manifest positive thoughts, pick your most favorite dress and wear it, buy yourself beautiful roses and that will boost your day for sure. 

  1. Make others feel special 

If you are dating or if you are married, then obviously you know what your partner likes the most. But for people who are single, you have more people, you have friends and family. You could buy some thoughtful gifts for a few of your friends and also make your siblings and parents feel special. Buy them something they really like or take them out for dinner or lunch, go for a movie or simply tell them how much they mean to you with a bunch of roses. Valentine’s day is your day to show love and we have so many people in our lives that we love. Hence, it will give you a lot of gratification if you thank each one of them. 

  1. Organize a close-knit party

Since it has fallen on a monday this time not many people would be interested to hangout in clubs or restaurants. Many would probably prefer having a small celebration at home or at work. So if you are planning it at home, call your close friends, pool-in dinner and you all will enjoy it. If you want to celebrate it in your place of work, then probably have a small game session for all of them at the end of the day. But, ensure that you celebrate it some way or the other. You could even plan a themed day, where you could have people at work wear only shades of red, even that could make it special for many.

  1.  Write Letters 

Writing letters is the best way to express your feelings. For couples it is probably one of the most romantic things to do. A letter with a rose is probably what every woman likes from her partner. So write down your genuine thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper, think of some of the most treasured moments you had in your relationship. Highlight moments where you felt grateful for what your partner did. Writing established facts and many times you might end up writing things that you might not have said verbally. So write a beautiful letter and pour your heart out. There can be no right or wrong way of doing this, just keep writing whatever comes to your mind and your partner will surely understand it. 

  1. Helping Others 

There are many people who feel a little left out today. Probably because they are single, which ideally should not be the case because even single people can express their love for their friends and enjoy the day. But, maybe because of the hype they feel like that. If you know someone who feels like that or is likely to feel that way then just drop in to their homes with some flowers and cake and hug them. Wish them a very happy valentine’s day and tell them that they matter. You will surely end up making their day.

Valentine’s day is your day to show love, enjoy this day thoroughly and make up for all the little fights and misunderstandings we have in relationships. Love is a very beautiful thing and is to be celebrated with zest not just today but everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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