Happy Teacher’s Day!

students are listing to teacher classes

Teacher’s or gurus have been a part of our culture for centuries now. Their contribution to our life is such that we can never repay them. The knowledge and wisdom they bestow upon us is something that we truly cherish all our lives. It also gives us the means to sustain by making money for ourselves and also supporting our family members. In many ways, our teachers are giving us pretty much the means to lead our entire life. 

Over the years the teaching system has changed. Taking into perspective India, we have had multiple gurukuls in the past where many people used to study and learn the vedas or the ways to use weapons during the war so on and so forth. Many mythological stories have instances emphasizing the importance of teachers in the lives of famous kings and queens and even god and goddesses. This culture has always respected the role of a teacher in an individual’s life. 

The teacher is the person who guides you through the way ahead, and you as an individual are supposed to submit yourself to the teacher for you to succeed and prosper in life. When you surrender to the teacher wholeheartedly, your progress in all realms of life is assured. Such is the importance of the teacher. Furthermore, it is said that it is not wrong to ask doubts to the teacher, but asking a doubt with the intent of putting the teacher down is wrong. These were the kind of values that existed in the past and it has also come down generations and glimpses of the values are seen in modern teaching also. 

Modern teaching, of course, entails subjects that will help us live in this modern world, which is highly competitive and helps us deal with the challenges of the current times. The disciplines we learn and teach have changed, we do not learn how to swords in wars of heavy philosophical teachings at school. It is more about sciences, technology and the very approach of study is futuristic. But still the reverence we have for the teacher is something that hasn’t changed. Knowledge of a teacher is something we still look upto. 

The celebration of teacher’s day is also very interesting. Typically children give their teachers flowers or roses as a token of gratitude and celebrate the day with cultural events with the intent to express their gratitude. Originally teacher’s day is celebrated to celebrate the birth anniversary of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was born on the 5th of september, 1888. He was a very noble person. A bright student who garnered multiple scholarships and later went on to become the vice-chancellor of some of the premier institutes in British India and Independent India. He was also one of the first Indians to have gained titles from Oxford University. He later went on to become the first Vice-President of Independent India and the second President of India. Truly his achievements are marvelous and it is truly appreciable that we chose his birthday as the day to celebrate teacher’s day. 

Another very interesting aspect of the student-teacher relationship is the fact that the lessons we learn at this stage from our teachers, stay with us forever. The scolding we get in the class or the advice we get from our teachers is so precious to us. We might not remember what we read yesterday, but an interesting lesson taught by our teacher years ago stays with us forever. If we look back, we went to school without anything in our mind, but we suddenly ended up liking a certain subject more than the other. This liking and fondness for subjects is only because of the passion that teachers ignite in us. So, right from the teacher in your pre-primary or nursery till the teacher who taught in your college or your last place of study, they are all to be thanked from the bottom of our hearts for their unconditional contribution. 

Further, teachers teach us beyond academia. Just by the way they behave and maintain, they teach a lot to the students. Really the student teacher rapport is something that can never be replaced. 

Let us remember every member that ever taught you something and some point of time and thank them in our minds for teaching us something that transformed our life and helped us grow. 

Happy Teacher’s Day once again!

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