Gender and PRIDE


Since the pride month has just begun, let us first appreciate how far we have reached in terms of progress in gender. Even though we might not have achieved everything, we still have a lot to be thankful for. Legal regulations in our country have changed, people are able to talk about their identity and public. This motivates people who are closeted to accept their identity and live a free and fulfilled life. So,there are things that we have to fix but we should also appreciate the progress we have made. 

Education and Writing

A lot of gender based research and study is being conducted across universities pan the globe. People are talking about the history, challenges, struggles and even progress in these fields. The different ways to address people of different genders are also being utilized and understood. Education is the basis for progress. So, with these changes in learning methods, the younger generations think without prejudice and accept people of all genders equally. 

Even magazines, articles, blogs talk about gender awareness and how people should accept people from all genders and should not discriminate against them. Newspapers cover all the parades and marches and all the developments in this front. This progress is actually remarkable. 

Social media and Awareness

Social Media is a strong platform and therefore it has provided people an opportunity to express themselves, we see so many members from the LGBTQIA community, who speak about their struggles, achievements and the response from larger audiences gives them. confidence to get ahead in their journey, this also provides support to many others. Hence it is a boon for everybody. 


Since August 2017, even legally LGBTQIA relationships have been recognised. This is a very big milestone decision. We have gotten over conservative notions and have reached this stage where we can legally embrace a path breaking decision. So, we all are free to openly talk about our genders too. 

Let’s look into areas where more recognition and change is required. 

A lot of people belonging to older generations still find it difficult to embrace homosexuality. They have prejudices that they pass on to their children. It is probably difficult to accept something new, but it is never impossible. Hence, we have to motivate all the elders to accept the change and normalise it. This applies for anybody who finds it difficult to accept new things. Change is constant, for all you know, people around might come out of their closet and confess their gender, what would you do then? Will you disown them because they are of a different gender?

No, that should not be the case. 

Education is meant to make you liberal in thought and strong in principle. Which means you have to accept new things and at the same time be grounded with traditional values. Any unwritten rule or notion that harms a person can never be right. It is as simple as that. A person cannot choose their gender. This is a realization that just happens when they are off age. It is natural and is as good as the other genders. 

Let us understand, people are already conscious and feel scared about opening up and in a situation where they don’t know how their parents will react or how their friends will react, they are already under the fear of isolation. We should not make the environment more difficult for them. We must understand that they are people and they take time. If people behave differently, you shouldn’t tell thighs like don’t talk like a girl or don’t stand like a boy. They have these traits naturally and so we should accept that in them. The same training and learning should be passed on to our children as well.

If we find people dating belonging to the same sex, we shouldn’t give them stares or make them uncomfortable they are as normal as a boy and girl dating. When we find people of the opposite sex with each other adorable, we shouldn’t find the same sex couples unreal. They should be accepted like everybody else is. 

Furthermore, why should a person’s gender matter at place of work, at place of worship and at other public places. It should matter only in personal life. One should learn how to look beyond gender, you do not talk to your friends because they are girls or boys, you talk to them because they are your friends. Gender might be an aspect you notice in the beginning, but later it should not matter, you should see the human behind the gender. We all love and accept each other for the goodness in one another and good has no gender. Hence, accept, be liberal, look beyond and let us all hope for a day where everybody can walk around like a free bird in the streets of this country. 

Happy Pride Month!

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