Five reasons why you should be staying with family!

Family relationship

Family is a space where we all feel exceptionally secure and good about ourselves. In fact, all of us love going back home every now and then, to enjoy our mother’s food, our grandparents’ warmth, father’s pampering and so on.

However, with globalization and modernization, the concept of living with multiple generations seems to gradually fade away. The older people are often left with caretakers in different towns, while the middle-aged people are at home craving for their younger ones, who are busy establishing hectic careers in cities far away from home. In fact, all the three generations meeting together has lessened to an annual celebration that happens once a year. The pandemic has probably prevented that too for many families. 

Here’s why you should consider living with your family! 

  1. Sense of security and freedom

The combination of security and freedom is the best. While you enjoy your freedom when you live alone, you still miss the warmth of home and the people that make you feel secure. We do not feel vulnerable while we are with our families. It is probably difficult for you to leave your place and go back to your home town. Try convincing your family to move in with you, so that all of you are happy. Life is too short to miss out on time with family. 

  1. Generations of Love 

A family means at least two or three generations of people under one roof. If you have grandparents too, along with your parents then nothing like it. The wisdom from our grandparents and the guidance from our parents can help us through any tough day and can multiply the joy we feel on a happy day. This also increases the scale of happiness and satisfaction we feel. Yes, as youngsters we might feel like the elders will not understand a lot of things that we do. But we do not recognize that there is a lot that they do understand. So, we have to learn to live in a common ground. The elders too need your time. The money you might send for their monthly expense is no substitute for the time you need to give them.

  1. Care: Cannot be sent in letters or mails

Our elders invest all the time, effort and money in taking care of us and raising us. Right from our school uniform, studies, school fee to food, nutrition and other needs. All of this is taken care of by our elders for at least two decades. Even after we move out for studies or work, they still continue to support us financially. So the first thing we must understand is that we are indebted to them. We owe them 20 years of care and concern. No matter how many messages you send or how many letters you write or how many gifts you send. Nothing replaces being in front of them and looking after their needs and concerns. These older people especially need this care. They are not looking forward to getting admitted to an expensive hospital when they fall sick. They just want their son or daughter to stand by their side through everything. So, we have to realize that they need us as much as we need them. It wouldn’t be wrong if we said that they need us more as they age.

  1. A sense of balance 

The outside world can get too overwhelming for us. We face so many people every day, so many challenging situations. We are constantly pressured by our bosses and we also have to be there for our children. In all this chaos, the home gives us the calm and balance we need. While we are stressed at work, we know that the elders in the house will take care of the children. We know that no matter how overwhelming the day was, we can get back home and feel absolutely free and rejuvenated. All of this will happen only if we value our families and start living with them. 

Life is too short to be wasted in contemplation. Take a wise decision today and move in with your loved ones. Every moment of your life will become joyful and every challenge will become easier to face.

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