Five important traits that make any relationship strong and meaningful


Relationship, the word is so strong and robust. We have our friends, well-wishers, colleagues, girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, children, parents, and so on. Our relationships are either social, professional relationships or personal and intimate relationships. 

Either way, each relationship should be nurtured and be taken care of with some basic virtues.


Respect, in many ways is the reason someone feels special in a relationship. There is a misconception that the role of respect is more in a professional relationship than in a personal relationship. Professionalism seeks respect. In a work hierarchy respecting superiors and getting respect back from them as subordinates is part and parcel of your work protocol. In most cases, it is also implemented well. However, in a personal relationship, people tend to take the other person for granted. People might love their friends, but do not respect what they have to say or do not value their opinion. Respect is that jewel in a relationship that makes your bond shine eternally. So respect the people in your life, your parents, friends, spouse, partners. If you find any loopholes in a relationship or if your spouse or friend is behaving unpleasantly with you, ask them, talk to them you might realize where you might have gone wrong. 


The mother of all virtues, trust once lost is exceptionally hard to regain. Establishing this trust in any bond takes time, energy and goodwill. It becomes the base of your relationship. Always keep in mind that any act of yours -at work or home, in regards to your friend or your spouse, in regards to your sibling, or your parent- should not break the trust they have in you. Trust can break even in the smallest of your acts and then when it keeps happening regularly the person might give up the faith they had in you. You might have told your boss that you’ll complete the task in 2 days and on the third day when the boss asks you the status, you realize that you still haven’t started. That’s all it takes for your boss to not rely on your sense of time. The next time your boss is not going to trust you when you say you’re completing a task in a given time. These small occurrences accumulate and show up when there is a promotion in your office. So, maintain that trust, do anything to ensure that it doesn’t break whatsoever. 


Human psyche always says ” me, me, me” you’ve got to make it “us, us, us”. We think about our problems, our bad days, our clothes, etc. We feel bad if a friend behaved in a manner comparatively unpleasant than how they behave otherwise. We might judge these actions and even share them with other friends. All of this is done before we tend to think as to what happened to your friend. He/she might have had a bad day at work, they might have been scolded by their parents or might have had a tough time managing things at home and so many other things could have possibly happened with them. Understanding is your ability to empathize, your ability to step into the shoes of the other person and see what is bothering them. When you begin to feel what they have been through. You’ll automatically empathize with them and help them get over a situation.


 Shocked to hear this term here? Well, most of us fail to realize that we are all individuals at the end of the day. Irrespective of how close or distant you are to somebody, you’ve to give them that space. Imagine your five fingers clamped together, will you be able to perform any task? No, right? You have to maintain the space between them for them to function well. Similarly, you have to maintain that space in a relationship for it to work out well. Do not invade anybody’s space at the same time and have your time and space. This is the key to working out a relationship efficiently. 

Walk the extra mile:

In all relationships, the bigger person is the person who lets go of small misunderstandings, looks at the broader picture with the lens of wisdom. Do not think twice before walking that extra mile to make things work or to support somebody you are really fond of. Your ego might challenge you and will probably stop you from doing so. But, you have to get over it and do your best.

Life is a long journey that is a thorough mixture of happiness and sadness, victories and failures, struggles and luxuries, challenges, and cakewalks. Nobody is consistently successful, nobody is a consistent failure. Through all of this what stays is your relationships. Your happiness is multiplied manifold and your failures and reduced to dust just by sharing it with people you are fond of. Give it your best and more to treasure them, cherish them and make the best of the time and the people you have!

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