Compatibility: The root to a successful relationship


Compatibility in love is extremely essential. Falling in love is an experience that is irreplaceable and if you have found your true love then no external force in the world can beat that feeling. In a relationship between two people, it is important that there is a very refined sense of understanding and empathy. 

Compatibility literally means to coexist, understanding each other for what you are. Today, we see many relationships where people fail to do this because they do not make the simple effort of understanding their partner. A couple that has good compatibility, have it only because the two of them have worked it out. We have to understand that it is not always natural, it is an effort that is made. 

Conflicts and fights in a relationship are healthy and acceptable upto some extent. However, it would be wrong to normalise it. Too many fights and conflicts make your relationship weaker and have a negative impact on your family members, especially children. To coexist with each other with the least amount of fights and facing every situation together is what compatibility is all about. 

Bringing out the best in your partner!

In a compatible relationship, you understand the flaws and strengths of each other. This very refined sense of understanding helps you bring the best out of each other. You know what will make your partner happy on a bad day and what will make your partner twirl in joy on a good day. When you understand somebody that well, you know what will make them happy and so make it a point that you consciously do this and it goes without saying that your partner will eventually make the effort to reciprocate this emotion in the same way. When you both bring out the best in each other is when you know that you both truly are a compatible couple. 

It takes time

Compatibility is sometimes natural, when you click with a person in the very first meeting. You probably have the same likes, dislikes and choices. However, to be truly compatible you have to understand each other through the ups and downs of life. You have to realise that it takes time. You do not know how your partner will take a failure and until a time like that arises. At the same time you do not know how your partner will take success either. With time you will eventually realise. To accept each other is very important and also takes time. So, trust and wait. If you have liked someone, you will surely be able to understand them, but learn to stand the test of time. 

Conflicts and Fights 

Essentially conflicts have no space incompatibility. It is difficult to not have fights or misunderstandings in any bond. Be it, friends, parents, wives/husbands, boyfriends/girlfriends we do have some or other form of flight. Will these mean that there is no compatibility? No, it doesn’t. Having fights is fine, but not learning from them and letting them happen again and again isn’t good. Compatibility is when you understand that your partner is not fine with something and ensure that the fight doesn’t repeat itself to an extent that it threatens your very relationship. 

Who’s first?

In a relationship, especially when you are in love, you cannot decide who is first and who comes right after. You both are equals and so you have to turn down your ego and follow the path that will keep you both together. So nobody is actually first, it is always us. If you start envying your love then you should stop expecting anything good to happen. Standing for each other and becoming each other’s strength is the need of the hour. 

Individuality increases compatibility 

We often think that we have to compromise in a relationship and let go of our individuality in order to be with someone. But we have to realise that our partners like us for our personalities which makes us who we are and if we give up on our individuality it will only make things different for both of us. Stick to who you are and let your partner stick to who they are. Evolve while being best friends with each other. Individuality will surely increase compatibility. 

Compatibility is a must in any relationship. When two people truly understand each other, it gives them a very new level of contentment. Life is a long ride, with children, parents, work like and more. In all of this, it is important that we understand our partner and make this journey totally worth it. 

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