Building A Healthy Relationship

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As the world grows, we, at times get caught up deep in its pace that we might ignore some of the important aspects of our lives. One such aspect is being in a romantic relationship with someone. At many times, despite our constant efforts, we are not able to work out our relationship well and smooth or solve the conflicts in it. Now, there might be multiple reasons for that. So, let us try and understand what constitutes a healthy relationship.

A Healthy Relationship

A healthy romantic relationship is one where the partners are happy and content with each other and their relationship’s progress. Everyone has their own way to approach a relationship and how it can be healthy. But there are a few basic ideas that we can try and understand to make our relationship work out well. Such as,

1. Boundaries – One of the most important parts of any relationship is to establish healthy boundaries mutually. All of us are different and hence our outlook towards life is different. Our likes and dislikes might also differ. That’s why it gets very important that we share what we like and what we don’t so that our partner is aware and mindful of it. And it helps to understand and know each other’s boundaries which in turn won’t create scenarios that might be uncomfortable for the partner.

2. Wants and Needs – As human beings, we have different wants and needs. Similar to any other relationship, we might have various expectations from our partner in a romantic relationship. We often tend to keep those within us but at the same time, we get upset when those expectations or needs aren’t met. That’s why it gets important that we talk openly about what we are expecting from the relationship and the partner and what we want. That way it gets easy for us and the partner to understand each other’s wants and needs better and to work it out together in a way that keeps the relationship healthy.

3. Privacy and Space – When we are in a romantic relationship with someone, we are bound to like spending as much time as possible in our partner’s company. While that would be pretty good for multiple reasons, there is always a sense of losing one’s personal space. As much as we might like someone there can be times when we would like to spend time away from our partner. It can be for hanging out with friends, going to watch a movie, tending some personal work, reading a book, or just doing nothing. The reason could be anything. Hence it gets important for us to understand that everyone likes to have their personal space and time and that doesn’t mean they don’t like the partner’s company. It’s just that one’s own private time is as important as the time spent with the partner. And together we can always figure out what works well for us.

4. Consent – Being in a romantic relationship with someone doesn’t mean that we have access to do everything that we wish. Especially when it comes to physical intimacy. It is always important to get our partner’s consent before we approach them instead of assuming that they are on board with us. No matter how smooth the relationship is or how good the understanding is, getting consent is always important.

5. Healthy Communication – Finally, one of the most important aspects of a romantic relationship, or any relationship, is open and honest communication. It’s important that we create a space in our relationship wherein there is no hesitance from the partner to express themselves fully and freely. Communicating about our feelings, emotions, and expectations helps the partner understand us better and also builds trust in us and the relationship. The other side of communication, that is listening to the partner is equally important. With being present for the partner and listening to them intently, we create a healthy space, which in turn makes the relationship healthy. This helps us understand if there is an issue that needs to be solved or taken care of, and hence we can act accordingly.

While these are some of the basic suggestions that we can consider to make our relationships healthy, we can always talk to the partner and together find out our own ways that work well for us.

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