Body Image: The change we need to see


Body image simply means the way you see yourself. The image you have of your own body. In many cases, it can be negative and there are also a number of disorders pertaining to body image. The kind of feedback and criticism we receive from our friends and family can also contribute to how we feel about ourselves. 

Today, Body image issues are more prominent because of multiple factors. The idea of an ideal body physique for a man or a woman is not real anymore. It is in fact too perfect to be real. Right from when you are a child to when you become an adult and until you reach old age there is a constant pressure to fit into the mold of a perfect body. Well, many people somehow sail through this unaffected, while others get impacted, some get impacted mildly and others fall prey to many psychological disorders. These disorders are actual problems and people do take time to get over them. 

In this blog, we present you tips to accept you for who you are and live happily.

  1. You are simply beautiful 

Yes, you are and this is not to flatter anybody, this is actually the truth. We as human beings are born to differ and our body is prone to change due to so many factors like our lifestyle, economic conditions and biological factors. As women, there are huge body changes during pregnancy. So, can we afford not to enjoy life and simply feel guilty of not being able to fit into stereotypes? No, we cannot. As long as you are healthy, every curve in your body is beautiful, every kilo you weigh marks your good health. Hence, accept that change is constant and that we have to enjoy our bodies in every shape. 

  1. The Media’s Mistake 

The media has portrayed the ideal man to be chiseled with a flat stomach with abs and strong arms and legs. The ideal woman is shown to be excessively thin, similar to a barbie doll. There are models who live horribly unhealthy lifestyles to showcase themselves like that on screen. Their routine involves food with very little nutrition and exercise routines that are tiring. This applies to both men and women. Now, this is the portrayal that we see and try to imitate. Does this make sense, no right? This false image does no good. It bothers the people who signed up for this and bothers the viewers because they feel guilty about how they look. While we cannot track down who is setting these standards for models, we surely can learn to not get bothered by it. 

  1. Comments and Criticisms from others 

Just analyze what people have to say when they meet you after a while. They always have something to tell you. They’d either say that you have lost weight or that you’ve put on weight, they’d probably comment on how your hair is growing or how you have lost your hair. If not this, they will probably comment on your clothing sense or your job or about anything under the sun that relates to you. The underlying truth remains the same, they HAVE to comment. People have the tendency to comment on you, even if nothing has changed. Many of us are sensitive when it comes to body image issues and we often fall prey to these comments. What we have to realize is that these praises or comments are irrelevant and do not add any value to your life. We know what our struggles and difficulties are and we will face them the way we want to. So, learn to not pay heed to these comments. 

  1. Negative Self Image 

Having a self-induced negative body image or perception is far more difficult to deal with in comparison to comments and criticisms by others. A negative self-image can cause a lot of harm. If you begin to realize that you feel about yourself this way, then immediately reach out for help. Talk to family and friends, take the help of counsellors, but ensure that you get yourself out of it. Else it will harm your self-esteem and self-confidence and shadow all your capabilities. Remember we are more than our negative thoughts or perceptions. A few extra kilos on your body are not as harmful as a strong negative self-image. Think good, be happy because life is a lot more than this. 

Body Image issues have become very prominent in young men and women today. So much so that marketers take advantage of their insecurities and sell products. We should not fall prey to unrealistic stereotypes, nor should we take comments and criticisms seriously. If things seem difficult then learn to take help, but do not let any of these issues define you. Life has a lot more to offer, so live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment and flourish in your natural beauty.

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