9 important tips for safe usage of Social Media

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We all love social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. because they made it easy for us to interact with our family, friends, and the world. There are hundreds of Social media platforms out there, providing us with tools to express ourselves, interact with others, know about others’ views and opinions, make new friends, showcase our talents, and so on. They have become part of our life. Like anything else, Social Media also has two sides – positive and negative. It’s in the user’s hands which side of Social Media he/she wants to use. 

Today, we will see some pointers on how to use Social Media positively to enhance the quality of our life.

9 tips to positively use Social Media

  • Limit your Social Media time

Yes, it’s exciting and entertaining to read all updates, chat, watch videos but minimize the time you spend on Social Media because it’s not worth it. At the end of the day, you still need to write your exams, work for your company, take care of your home. Spending excessive time on Social Media makes you unproductive in these aspects of your life and drains your energies. Your focus and concentration are scattered, and you feel tired doing nothing. Because of this, you cannot achieve your goals. Your Social Media time can impact your grades, performance in work, quality family time. Keep a track and be mindful of the amount of time you are spending on Social Media.

  • Don’t enter into relationships with strangers on Social Media

In our childhood, our parents told us not to take chocolates and biscuits given by strangers. This advice holds good for Social Media as well. Don’t fall in love or enter into a relationship with strangers no matter how wonderful their profile looks. It’s easy for terrorists and cheaters to mask themselves as people with good intentions, create wonderful profiles and cheat people. There are many real-life examples of people losing money, marrying wrong people, getting abused, and so on because of entering into relationships with strangers on Social Media. So be careful and think twice before trusting someone you just met on Social Media. Your safety should be your first priority when you are on Social Media.

  • Don’t compare yourself with others

It’s easy to fake on Social Media. A person might be going through issues in marriage but may post a great pic of marriage. Don’t compare your life against what you see on Social Media. Like it, comment it, share it but also know that every person’s life will have ups and downs. Every person’s life will have boring and interesting moments, just like yours. Don’t be upset about your life after seeing statuses and pics of others. Be grateful for what you have and enjoy your life. Don’t be under peer pressure. Don’t make decisions based on what you see on Social Media. Don’t interpret things or people based on likes or statuses or comments.

  • Protect your privacy on Social Media

Don’t share your check-ins, phone numbers, address, and other details about your personal information. Spend some time in understanding privacy settings and follow them to keep your account safe and secure. Don’t reveal all the details about your life as it is not safe.

  • Be kind on Social Media

Don’t post or share stuff that hurts others. Don’t involve yourself in abusive comments or trolling someone. Practice kindness on Social Media and respect the space of others. Every person has feelings and respect them. 

Social media
  • Don’t be obsessed about your Social Media following

It’s ok if your pic did not get many likes. It’s ok if your status is not appreciated by anyone. For gaining Social Media following, don’t become anorexic or starve yourself or apply toxic cosmetics to look beautiful in your pics. Your health and happiness are more important than Social Media following. It’s ok if your friends have bigger Social Media following than you. There are far more important things in life than Social Media numbers. Don’t validate your life through the number of likes and comments you receive on Social Media. Your life is beyond Social Media.

  • Value real interactions over Social Media interactions

Your Social Media numbers are just numbers unless you are promoting any business or brand using Social Media. You may have 500 friends on Social Media, and you may invest your time and energy in their content every day. Yet, in times of need, only your family members and close friends stand for you. All other friends of your Social Media account will send you messages on Social Media, which are of not much use in your needy times. So, don’t miss real interactions in the illusion of Social Media. Call your friends and family members, meet them physically, enjoy their presence, enjoy hugs and real LOL moments. No amount of Social Media following can replace heartfelt conversations and laughter moments you have with your near and dear people. When you are down, you need a hug, and when you are happy, you need someone to celebrate. Make time for real interactions, value your family members, and cherish physical presence.

  • Use Social Media to learn

Use Social Media as a tool to be inspired, to learn new skills, and to learn something that enriches your life. Super-achievers invest their time in learning and growth. So, use Social Media to become a Super-achiever in life.

  • Be alert and mindful

Sometimes, we get on to Social Media with good intentions of learning and spending only a few minutes, but before we even realize it, we end up spending hours and hours on meaningless stuff. You can get back the money you lost, but time, once lost, is lost forever. So, be alert when you are on Social Media. Also, there is stuff around on Social Media, which is unhealthy to body and mind. Be mindful of the content you are exposed to on Social Media.

These are some pointers on how to use Social Media safely and positively. Use this powerful tool to communicate easily, to empower yourself, to learn, and improve the quality of your life rather than wasting time and losing your peace of mind over likes and comments. At the end of the day, the purpose of Social Media is to make your life easy and fun. So, take it easy, have fun, cherish your real relationships, and make the most out of your life. 

Enjoy life!

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